Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have been awarded the You Make Me Smile Award

I was tagged by the lovely Mighty Lambchop-love the name btw! author of the fantastic blog Lambchop Mobile where she does a lot of cool experiments with layering,Konad stamping,and the occasional sports related mani.I can relate to her sports nut side because I am a HUGE hockey fan.Unfortunately,my team is currently the worst in the league (zero wins? ZERO!?) and I am currently questioning whether or not my undying devotion to them is a sign that I'm losing my mind. Anyway,I love reading Lambchop's blog because she's informative,funny and really sweet.Her posts always leave me thinking "I should try that!" or "I NEED to buy that colour!" (enabler!) Also,she loves OPI's Midnight in Moscow, so clearly the woman has impeccable taste :)

The rules of the tag are I have to post a song that makes me smile and the reason why,and choose the blogs that make me smile and why.

And here are my songs:

Song number one is a classically R&B tune by Anthony David.It makes me happy because A) it is such a positive,meaningful song and B) because Anthony David and India Arie have such silky-smooth voices.It's the perfect relationship song.Whatever that means.

The second song is Hurt by Johnny Cash.This one makes me smile because it reminds me of my grandfather.He loved country music-especially Hank Williams,Elvis Presley(a country singer-according to my grandad),and Charley Pride.Johnny was his favourite though,because I think he related to him the most.My grandfather passed away 16 days after Johnny did in 2003.I like to think that they're up in heaven jamming on their guitars together :)

And now I have to award some of the blogs that make me smile,I have a lot of blogs to choose from and I love all of them for different reasons,but these are the ones I choose today:

JacieO-Your blog makes me smile because it's cleverly named,you show love to all the lesser known brands (I'm holding you responsible for the two Eyeko's I now have in my possession :P) and you're just an all-around cool lady.I also love the fact that you are very bad for my wallet ;)

PBG-Your blog makes me smile because your posts always radiate positivity :) You pick fanastic colours,I always love your designs and you always take time to highlight any lesser known blogs.That's awesome <3

Velvet-Your blog makes me smile because you are adorable! (is it ok to call a grown woman adorable? 'cause you are <3) I love your sense of humour and the fact that your posts are always so joyful.

Princess-Your blog always makes me smile because of the incredibly creative designs and the cleverly cute poems.You are talented beyond measure.

Well,that's all folks!

Pinkginger-who would've also included "Du Hast" by Rammstein because it reminds me of being in high school and engaging in "stereo warfare" with my brother.He always caved when I played this song  *impish grin*


  1. Those were great songs to listen to. That's a nice way to share a little bit about ourselves. Thanks for the tag. Your too kind!

  2. Thank you for doing this. I think you are super snazzy and I love your song choices!

  3. Velvet-Thanks! I love your blog so it was only natural that I pick you <333

    Lambchop-Thanks for the tag! I think you're snazzy too <333


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