Monday, September 7, 2009

Sinful Colours: Rich in Heart

I bought this colour because I really liked the name Rich in Heart.I have no idea what "rich in heart" means,but it sounds like something nice(I am easily taken in by interesting names).Upon bringing it home and finding a place for it in my storage containers,I noticed that it looked similar to OPI's Midnight in Moscow.They're both vampies that are black with red shimmer,but Midnight is slightly darker than Rich.I'll probably do a colour duel later on,but for now I'll just show you the one picture I have of this gorgeous polish.

I love colours like this.To me vampies always equal sophistication.I can't help but feel like a classy lady whenever I'm wearing one.Even if it's to the supermarket.This is my first experience with Sinful Colors,and I must say I am impressed! The formula is nice and quick-drying- very important for someone as impatient as me,and they have a great colour selection.All in all,a really good alternative to the salon brands if you don't like spending too much on cosmetics. What am I talking about?That is SO not us!

On a slightly sad note i'm such a drama queen ,this is the last post I have scheduled before I reveal my short,warehouse-appropriate,nails.As someone who has kept long nails since I was 10 years old,having to cut them every few weeks is  kind of a downer for me.On the bright side, having short nails is more conducive to working in a warehouse, and I no longer have to worry about patching up breaks. I still miss my talons though.They made excellent weapons. *jokes*

Happy Labour Day All!

Pinkginger-who is singing "Here Comes the Sun" because it's absoloutely gorgeous outside!


  1. Happy Labor Day to you also. Your not singing loud enough! There's no sun here and it looks like it will rain in any minute. What a crap day. Love the nail polish. Pretty vampy which I also love. Your nails look gorgeous. I'm sorry you have to cut them. It's better than breaking and patching. You also don't want one of those bad breaks with blood and tears. I know that would happen Miss Drama Queen!

  2. Our weather here is the same as Lucy's, overcast, rainy off and on! But happy Labor Day. I have this and love it! I have to say the name drew me in as well, I love it. And of course, it's a dark and vampy. I can't resist those either!

  3. That is a lovely color! Sorry about the shorter nails, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy them short for a little worryless activities!


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