Friday, September 25, 2009

Orly Fantasea

Hello Ladies! my Nails of the Day is Orly's Fantasea (love the name-hate the spelling),a beautiful pink duochrome with flashes of purple and amber.This colour is stunning! I have loved multichromal polishes since Sally Hansen released their Prisms line a few years back.I think I own every colour from the first Prisms collection,including the pearly uninteresting ones.Anyway,this colour has the same "now-you-see-it-now-you-don't" colour-changing ability.In the bottle it looks like a purple with pink shimmer,on the nail it looks pink,and in the sun you can see flashes of amber.I almost passed this one up, (seeing as how i was on a no-buy at the time,i should have,but i live almost an hour away from Sally's and i didn't know when i was going to get back.that's my story and i'm sticking to it,). Since I already had 3 China Glaze Glitters picked out,I added this one to my basket as well.I am so happy I did,because it's truly an underappreciated gem.

Pictures!outdoors no flash

 a gorgeous pink shimmer

indoors with flash
 or is it purple?

outdoors no flash

I'm going to call it both.Check out that amber flash on my index finger! Beauty!

This colour is hot! It goes on a tad sheer for my liking,(it 4 coats to achieve the bottle colour),but I like it just the same.I'm always looking for unique shades,and this is definitely one of them.In other news,my no-buy is over (Hallelujah! I think I hear the angels singing...oh wait...that's me :D).The first thing I did was buy more nailpolish-why did i even bother?.I'll post them all as they arrive,but in the meantime I will have to do a few picture heavy posts to show you all the new polish I haven't swatched yet.You'd think I'd stop buying by now.Not so much :-P

Happy Friday Ladies!

Pinkginger-who is hoping for a sunny weekend because it is the only time I will have to swatch properly :)


  1. How lovely! I've passed it up so many times at Sally before. You have changed my mind. It looks so nice on you too.

  2. Oh, me too on the passing this one by - it looks so stunning on you I might not be able to resist it next time! Man, I'm excited to see what you ordered, and the rest of your swatching. I do not get the name. I don't think this looks anything remotely marine, so it's a puzzler! However, it is gorgeous. Congrats on completing your no buy! ♥

  3. I think you were on a "almost no-buy". That is pretty. I think it's one of those you have to see in person. You twisted my arm and I'll add it to my "wants" list.

  4. Lambchop-Thank You :D This is such a great colour,I guess it looks kind of underwhelming in the store.I blame the lighting.

    Nicole-Thank You :D I think it would look really nice on you :) and the name is ridiculous.I'm surprised I only made two slip ups.I've been very well-behaved ;)

    Lucy-haha! In my defense,I only slipped up twice-that's excellent for me :) I was intrigued when I first saw it i Sally's butI passed on it in favour of something flashier. By the second visit I decided to buy it,and I'm really glad I did. It's quite stunning in person.


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