Saturday, September 19, 2009

OPI Who Are You Wearing?

This is one hot purple!  As most of you regular readers know,OPI is my favourite brand of nail polish,(with China Glaze coming in a very close second).Whenever OPI releases a new collection I always buy the burgundy and dark purple shades first.Always.This colour is a part of OPI's Holiday in Hollywood collection released in 2007.It was pretty diverse for a winter collection,and I was compelled to buy 6 other colours,(including the truly unique,Have You Seen My Limo?).This is a pretty deep purple with pink shimmer.It's different because the first layer of polish looks blue on the nail,but it gets more purple as more layers are added.Though it is reminiscent of Russian Navy (from another collection I love),they are not dupes of each other,so I feel justified in having them both in my collection.Honestly,when it comes to polish addiction,I can justify just about anything ;)

Now The Pictures!

All pictures have 3 coats,no basecoat (my nails post-swatch are proof of this-that's what I get for being lazy)and Seche Vite as a top coat.

Direct Sunlight  co-starring Red Dahlia!

and whatever these flowers are (can you tell I don't garden?)

indoors with flash

The name Who Are You Wearing? is very apropos,given the theme of this collection.Since I am an awards-show junkie,I have watched every red-carpet special since 1994 and the hosts always ask this question.Even to celebrities like Johhny Depp who don't really give a rip about any of that stuff.And why do they ask men what they're wearing anyway? News Flash: No one cares! (unless its a dress-that I'd like to see).Men's awards show fashion is kind of drab.But then again,now that all the women are hiring stylists,I'm not treated to any more "Bjork-wears-swan-dress-and-lays-egg-on-red-carpet" types of fashion disasters.Everyone looks so tasteful and good that red carpets are kind of boring now.I don't like it. Thank God for Lady Gaga. Sorry, I spent the last couple of sentences rambling about fashion,but I see the same problems in celebrity fashion that I do with nailpolish.I have seen many beautiful,unique colours be discontinued in favor of more generic, "friendly to the masses" shades.So instead of colours like 'Rainforest','Creme de Menthe',and 'Black Tie Optional' OPI keeps the pretty but bland,Coney Island Cotton Candy (i actually love this colour but i'm trying to make a point),and I'm Not Really a Waitress,(again,i love it,but *yawn*).I guess a little variety is just too much to ask.I guess I'll have to get used to seeing everyone in their long pretty dresses,and their red and nude nailpolish.Blah.

Happy Sunday Y'all!
Pinkginger-who just stepped off her soapbox :)


  1. Oh, now that's a pick me up purple! Very gorgeous and glowy. Right up my alley, of course.
    Does this mean you'll be watching the Emmys tonight? *giggles* Haha, I think everyone will always remember the Bjork incident!

  2. Nicole-It would look so stunning on you! I knew you'd like it :) and that swan dress was INSANE!best Oscar dress ever ;) I'll be watching the emmy's tonight and hoping that someone wears a duck dress just to make things interesting-lol!

  3. Great purple!I love it on you!I would like to see some edgy colours on the red carpet too!

  4. Katie-Thank You :) I know! Everyone is playing it way too safe.Hopefully,someone will think outside the box and wear something unique.


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