Thursday, September 3, 2009

OPI Give Me Moor!

This is my second pick from OPI's Spain Collection.I have had a long and abiding love for deep purples (wow,that was corny :P) I already have Lincoln Park After Dark,and Siberian Nights (which is actually more blue than purple) as well as Black Cherry Chutney,Eiffel For this Colour and Yes I Can Can,(whew, I buy a lot of nailpolish!). Naturally,I had to add this one to my collection as well.I was pleasantly surprised by the slight shimmer,it's vampy with a little something extra.I don't even care that I have similar colours,I think it's pretty fantastic.

Indoors with flash

Dusk no flash

I was expecting it to be a dupe of at least one of my other vampies,but I was relieved to see that it wasn't.This is another great alternative to black.
That's all I have today,
Pinkginger-who is going no buy after my last Transdesign order arrives :(


  1. That's gorgeous on you. Too many polishes is something I can never say. I always want more. Or no Moor! See what your doing to me! I'm on a no buy not because I want to be. I need a new Debit card. The bank cancelled mine because of a vendor I bought from might have been compromised. Would have been nice to tell me. I tried to order the Mac polishes and I was denied. Very embarassing. Idiot bank. Now I'm waiting for my new card. It's pretty bad when your used to just typing in those card numbers to order. It's even worse when I see all these glittahs out by China Glaze. Thanks for letting me rant yet again on a blog.

  2. Man. I just placed another order too, from Transdesign and Victoria Nail Supply! Not huge, but whew, I know I need to swatch before I buy more. I don't have ANY of the vampies on your little list there and I want them all!
    This, as I expected, looks freaking fantastic on you. :)

  3. Lucy-Sorry to hear that :( I hate it when stuff like that happens! Feel free to rant any time-I'll always be her to listen :) I agree about the polishes though.When my mom saw my collection she said "You probably have enough nailpolish now right?" When I tried to explain why I should buy more her head exploded (actually it didn't really explode but it might as well have) She doesn't understand at all.

    Nicole-Thanks Sweetie!I have so much swatching to do it's ridiculous! Yet that doesn't stop me from buying :) All my previous purchases arrived this week so I will be a very busy girl.Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


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