Monday, September 28, 2009

Old School:Revlon Plum Glitz

I have been so busy swatching all my new polishes that I'm neglecting my old ones.Plum Glitz was released by Revlon about 10 years ago.I don't remember the name of the collection,or the exact year of release (some help i am ;P),but I remember wearing it  a lot in high school.It is a mulberry shade with multi-coloured iridescent glitter.The base is shimmery,not jelly or creme,which gives it a little more pizazz.For some reason I always gravitate toward colours thar are either Limited Edition,or ones that are destined to be discontinued (I can honestly say that I did own OPI's Pike's Peekaboo Purple at one point *sniffs*).It's a pretty glitterbomb of a polish,but none of that is apparent in the "indoor with flash" photos.Too bad.It's lovely in person.


i don't really have any riveting commentary to add here

it looks a little pinkish in these pictures...

blurry to show the glitter...

...yeah,I got nothin'

I'm still impressed by the formula.Even though it's a glitter,the application was pretty smooth.It was a little textured when it dried,but not totally bumpy-nothing that a good topcoat can't fix.My mother is still flabbergasted by my collection.When she saw all my containers full of nailpolish she said,"You don't wear all of those do you?"
Mom:"And they're all good?"
Me:"Uh huh".
Mom:"That's ridiculous! No one needs that much nailpolish"
Me:"I know of someone with over 1000 bottles"
Mom: *silence*
The end.
Needless to say,my mother does not understand my fascination with nailpolish.Actually,my mother doesn't understand why anyone would collect anything.Except angel statuettes.She loves those. I promise to dig through my stash to find more oldies but goodies,but until then, I have a mountain of new polish to swatch (and even more en route) Should be fun.

Happy Monday Ladies!

Pinkginger-who is wondering what possessed me to buy so many frosts back in the day.Yuck!


  1. I think I used to have that shade! I love the old Revlons and I know what you mean, so many old good ones, but so many new ones...not enough time to play with all of them!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog from Getcha Nails Did! I am SOOOO excited to see another brown girl blogging nails! I've already added you to my blog roll! Awesome pics and lovely layout! I'll be back often to check out your posts. :)


  3. Mary-I agree! I have so many posts in draft it's ridiculous! Not counting the polish I haven't swatched yet! and I do miss the old Revlons,they had a really good variety of colours.

    Pretty Brown Girl-Thank You so much! I've been following your amazing blog since July!I'm really honored by the fact that you're including me on your blogroll :D

  4. That is so pretty, love the glitter!


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