Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOTD:OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

I am a serious vampy fan.I love them in all shades with or without shimmer.They're dramatic,sophisticated and sexy and I always feel like a sassy diva when I'm wearing them.When I saw the preview swatches for OPI's Espana Collection,the first 3 colours I put on my list were the vampies (I also have Here Today Aragon Tomorrow,and Give Me Moor).Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees is a smoky grey-blue with subtle shimmer.Though it is definitely blue,it looks almost black indoors, and  deep grey in the sunlight.It is a great alternative if you're one of those people who find black nail polish a little too dramatic.

Both pictures indoors with flash to show the shimmer :)

Close up

This could've been just another boring vampy blue,but OPI added just enough shimmer to make it interesting.I bought OPI Light My Sapphire a few years back, hoping that it would look like this.In comparison it's a lot darker and kind of drab.This one on the other hand,is gorgeous.I love everything about it.Granted,the first few coats were a bit sheer (not to mention grainy)but the end result made up for that.This one is a definite keeper.

Have a wonderful day!
Pinkginger-who was told by my coworker Sloth that I was mean.Apparently,he doesn't know what an opinionated independent female sounds like.Poor fella ;)


  1. I like this a lot. Very nice! I'm fast becoming a fan of "The Vamp" myself. I may have to pick this one up.

  2. Poor unawares man, just doesn't get it. I bet he doesn't know what your mean will get him! Love this shade on you. I'm so undecided about this shade. I don't want them to look black when I'm indoor. Especially since I am indoors the majority of the time. I guess I might have to just try it for myself.

  3. PBG-Thank You!<3 It would look fantastic on you!

    Lucy-Haha! So true! and thanks <3 I was a little surprised at how dark it looked inside,but the way it looked in the sun more than made up for it.

  4. It's SO cool, and I love it on you. I like how you can really see the grey tones! Funny, I just bought a perfume oil called Sloth. It smells amazing. But I'd be leery of anyone named or nicknamed Sloth!

  5. 0o0o gorjuzz i really like this colour on u, im getting into the darker colours.. gorjuz just gorjuz

  6. great colour, looks really good on you, I also like dark vampy ones myself:)

  7. Nicole-Haha! Thank You :)and Sloth is a pretty interesting guy,and by interesting I mean strange and slightly disturbing.

    Skye-Thank You<3 I think dark colours would look lovely with your skin tone :)

    KONADomania-Welcome! and Thank you <3 I really love this colour.


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