Thursday, September 24, 2009

NOTD:China Glaze Wagon Trail

The first time I saw this colour my jaw hit the floor.This is my overwhelming favourite from China Glaze's stellar Rodeo Diva Collection.As you can see it is a mind-numbingly beautiful black with gold shimmer.Or is it a deep olive green?As with most colours of this type,the shimmer determines what colour this will be,so I'll call this one a green blackened gold.This is one of the few collections that I have loved enough to buy en masse.I own all of the colours except Red Stallion, (i think i have enough shimmery reds thank you very much),  I love them all for different reasons,but like I said, this one is the breakout star.I wore this colour for almost a week,staring and preening all the while.I love when a colour makes me do that :)

And Pictures!

indoors with flash (3 coats SV top coat)


Outdoors no flash (taken while on my lunch break :P)


Glorious!Just Glorious!

And because I have an inherently musical brain,the song Black and Gold by Sam Sparro got stuck in my head while I was trying to figure out what colour this was.I normally don't like "dance" music,but the first time I heard it I said "Who is this?" and was completely taken in by his amazing voice and the beautiful words.You can listen if you are so inclined.

Well,that is all I have for now, I hope you are all having a great week!
Pinkginger-who is trying to remember which colours I have swatched and which colours I haven't.Oh dear.


  1. I have this one and is one of my favourites!Tottaly gorgeous

  2. Hi. This color is fantastic! I love it too. It looks wonderful on your lovely nails. I also enjoyed listening to Sam's song Black and Gold. It's raining at my house,and his song fit the mood. With my cup of coffee and the overcast,rainy skies. That was nice.

  3. This is one of my lemmings. It's a sophisticated, surprising color. Looks so lovely on you!

  4. Oh yeah! Just as fantastic as I thought it would look on you. LOVE it!
    Isn't it hard to keep track! Haha! So many polishes, so little time.

  5. I think I have the whole collection also. I bought it in bits and pieces. Of course this was the first one I bought. I just bought Red Stallion my last order which I got this week. Sometimes I just have to get the whole thing. I'm a little OCD about collections of things. Whic is bad for a nail polish collector. This looks gorgeous on you. You have such beautiful nails. I love the olive color and the gold flash. Gorgeous!

  6. Katie-Isn't It awesome?

    Velvet-Hi! Thank You <3 I love this song Sam's voice is amazing.It was rainy here as well,so it was perfect for a gloomy day.

    Lambchop-Thank You :) I lemminged this one for a while before I broke down and bought it,It would look fabulous on you too!

    Nicole-Thank You,I adore this colour :) I actually had to look through my archives to see which colours I posted and which ones I hadn't-lol! I think I need at least a week just to take pictures,upload them to my computer and write the posts-yeesh!

    Lucy-Thank You:) I am a little OCD as well,I think I'll purchase Red Stallion eventually but I have a few other polishes in front of it.As a rule I always buy the two vampies in the collection,and then I buy the blue or red shades.There are several collections where I've purchased at least 6 colours or more,simply because they're so fabulous.Nailpolish collecting is a lot of work :)


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