Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello Everyone! I was originally going to post my swatch of China Glazes's GR8 today,but  I couldn't think of anything to write about it other than, "it's a yellow-gold holo and I like it".(wow,riveting.) I'll have to revisit it when my brain starts forming coherent thoughts again.Anyway,in it's place I give you one of my favourite blues of all time OPI's DS Fantasy,a glorious cobalt blue with holographic shimmer. I have mad love for OPI's Designer Series collection! I want to own them all,but so far I have 8 ( Exclusive,Divine,and Signature are the holos,Sensation,.Dazzle,Mystery,Extravagance,and Fantasy are non-holos).Every colour in the series is spectacular,even the bland ones,(it's amazing what a little diamond dust can do!) I wore this colour to work today and my coworker,Sloth (not his real name)-who doesn't pay attention to anything un-related to work unless he hears the word 'boobs',noticed my nails and said,"Wow,I really like that colour." The only confirmation I need to declare this one fantastic.
without flash during sunset
indoors with flash
I used 3 coats over NailTek foundation III,with Seche Vite.I tried using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for work,but it ended up cracking (huh?) and chipping.Clearly,SH was not made for the warehouse.SV on the other hand,was perfect.I had some tip-wear,but that's about it.Today was a pretty stellar day all in all,and was made even better by the arrival of my latest haul from Transdesign (pictures to come later). I ordered the colours I was missing from China Glaze's Rodeo Diva collection (i missed Red Stallion though.oops).It is so rare for me to like an entire collection,let alone love it,so I couldn't pass this one up.OMG is next once my no-buy is over of  course :P
I hope you had a great day!
Pinkginger-who is still surprised that Sloth noticed my nails,but didn't notice when I cut my hair.Men.


  1. Hi PinkGinger, love that color! It looks so beautiful on you. Yes...that's the story of men...lol!

  2. Velvet-Aww! Thank You <3 and men are really bad at noticing things! and multi-tasking.What would they do without us? lol!

  3. That is gorgeous on your long nails. I love holos. I've been wearing holos and glitters for ages now. I finally put on a creme. Looks weird but pretty.


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