Saturday, September 26, 2009

NOTD: DS Mystery

Confession Time:
I am a highly critical perfectionist.Most of my harshest criticism is at my own expense because I have always had trouble with accepting anything I've created,whether it is a painting,or a short story,or a scrapbook page,unless I've meticulously checked it for any flaws.Needless to say,I always find them because I am always looking.When I talked to my mom about this,she said in her "mom" way,"It sounds like you need to get over yourself,and get used to the fact that you have talent."I love my mom. Anyway,the point of that little confession was to say how unbelievably proud I am that my pictures turned out so well! I was trying to figure out a way to emphasize the fact that the amazing DS Mystery was purple and not black,so I grabbed a mug and snapped the picture under my sky light.

This is the Result:

Pretty outstanding if I do say so myself :D

indoors with flash

outdoors no flash

indoors no flash (under the sky light again)

and one more 'claw' shot to show the brownish tone that the gold shimmer gives it.

I am in love with this colour!It has everything I love in a polish,it's vampy,it's purple,and it shimmers.At first I wondered what it would look like as a holo,(OPI are you listening? Uh,probably not.),but now I don't really care because it is beautiful as it is.I love OPI's designer series( think i've mentioned that before).The colours are amazing,and the shimmer is absolutely glorious.I used 3 coats,but would've gotten away with 2 if I wasn't so messy with my application,( I'm impatient when it comes to stuff like this,that's why I don't do nail art).Even though the base is eggplant purple,the gold shimmer gives it a hazy deep brown tone in some lights.If you like vampies and shimmers,this one's for you <3

That's all I have for now folks,I might be stopping by Sally's later today to see if they have Fortune Teller.Fingers Crossed!

Peace Out Ladies!
Pinkginger-who thinks it's cool that my hand sort of looks like "Thing" from the Addams Family :)


  1. Now that cracks me up, Miss Thing! I loved the Adams Family. I wanted hair like Cousin It or Morticia. I will definitely be buying that shade. I love the eggplant color. I want more Ds Series. I guess I have to get the earlier ones from ebay. I've never shopped there but I guess I'll have to try. Where are your paintings?

  2. That is an amazing colour. It suits your skin tone so well. Very dramatic and vampy!

  3. Lucy-Haha! Thank You! Cousin it and Morticia did have gorgeous hair.I am a vampy fanatic! Ebay is one of the best places to find the older ones,but the prices are a little extreme sometimes.I will show some of my paintings eventually.One of them is hanging in my parents' living room,but I have the rest.

    JacieO-Thank you :) I love colours like this,so when I saw it I thought,"Mine!" It's a great colour for Halloween too!


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