Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nails of The Weekend: China Glaze Side Saddle

OK,so the pictures I got of this one are kind of icky,but trust me this is one bad-ass colour (oh dear,now my mother can never read my blog because I "cussed".Oops).I wore this all weekend and I spent most of the time staring at my nails.I'm not good at describing colours (foundation year of art college? Money well wasted),but from what I can discern,this is a chocolaty plum with golden shimmer.In certain lights,(like the dimly-lit ,sleep-inducing sanctuary of the church I go to), the shimmer looked more green,and under an overcast sky it looked almost black.I don't care what colour it actually is,all I know is that it's vampy,and therefore,I love it (is that even the correct usage of the word therefore? My grammar is pretty sad.)All of the (crappy) pictures I took are with flash because,it was rainy and gross all weekend.

Take a Look....

*pardon the tip wear*

The colour looks pretty much the same in every picture,but it's definitely not.It has so many different moods,it was difficult to catch them all.This colour is a part of China Glaze's Rodeo Diva Collection.I was still in my "OPI or nothing" phase of polish snobbery up until a few months ago,so I completely missed it last fall.When I saw swatches of the rest of the colours,I just had to have all of them. I couldn't find one single dud! China Glaze really knows how to do a well-rounded collection,I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Have a Great Day!

Pinkginger-who is kind of disappointed that my local Sally's didn't have the rest of ChG's new glitters.My wallet,on the other hand,is thrilled!


  1. So sorry Sally's doesn't have the glitters. You should order them online. I did and I am thrilled! Just gorgeous colors. I ordered from VNS and also got a free China Glaze Vivid topcoat. Also a little wristlet with 3 samples of creme's and 2 mini Essie that are clear something or others! I forgot what they are. I love Side Saddle and it looks lovely on you. Are you saying your falling asleep in church and looking at your nails? You better not let your Mother read this for sure.

  2. Lucy-I think I might have to.I love every single colour I've seen so far!Thanks, I just received the rest of the collection and I love them all <3 and to answer your question,I did not fall asleep in church! I was pointing out that the lights are a little dim,and we don't have enough windows,so if anyone wanted to fall asleep they could.I was staring at my nails the entire time though :P


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