Friday, September 11, 2009

More Hauls!

Hello All! A few weeks ago (before my credit card exploded-ha!) I ordered a few things from some of my favourite etailers.I went on a no-buy soon thereafter,(but not before I ordered the rest of the colors in China Glaze's Rodeo Diva Collection-i love it).Might as well go out with a bang right?
Now the Hauls
From Transdesign L to R,Misa Hot People Like You,Russian Sage,Dreamy Purple,Fatal Affair,Stiletto,Toxic Seduction (looves it!),Dirty Sexy Money, and The Grass is Greener on My Side
From China Glaze L to R Stella,Side Saddle,Wagon Trail,Chiaroscuro,GR8 and QT
From Overall Beauty L to R BB Couture Dark Knight,Lowrider,Maleficent Magenta,Iced Olive,Frosty Meadow,and Hermosa Surfer Girl
And Last But Not Least,Rescue Beauty Lounge in Scrangie

I'd like to say that I made the no-buy decision all by myself,but the truth is my mother had a hand in it too.When one too many packages arrived at my door one day, she asked "What do you keep ordering?" When I told her it was all nailpolish,she said "Oh,that is absurd! I think you should stop now".So I did. What can I say? My mother still has the ability to scare me (haha),and my spending has gotten out of hand since I accidentally started this blog.For now,I can read all of the wonderful blogs out there,and live vicariously through  all of you.At least until October,and then it'll be on like Donkey Kong.(wow-that was cheesy!) Have a wonderful day ladies!

Pinkginger-who just realized that I forgot my QRS haul! I bought Autumn Bronze, 24Kt ,and Caribbean Orange they threw in another bottle of Jamaican Dream.See,I really did need to take a break ;)


  1. wow!! those were nice shades of polish.. cant wait for the swatches of them all.. =)

  2. WOWWWW amazinggggggg colours cant wait to see some swatchessss

  3. Ughhh, I think you are my WORST enabler! I want ALL OF THOSE MISA POLISHES! Hahaha. And the China Glaze holos. And Side Saddle. And the BB Coutures. I'm running away now.

  4. Now that just cracked me up that you forgot one! I made a huge order to VNS. I owe my girlfriend big time for that. I wanted those Japanese glitters and was afraid they would be gone. My bank card was cancelled because a vendor I ordered from had a problem with something or other. I didn't know this till I went to order the Mac polishes and they emailed me. How embarassing was that. Damn bank! I finally got my new card today and your the first to know. I'm trying not to buy either but it's so damn tempting. You really picked a nice selection of colors. I have most of the BB's and China Glazes. I have two of the Misas and Scrangie. Reading blogs has been very bad for my wallet.

  5. Thriszha-Thank you :)
    Skye-Thanks :)

    Nicole-haha! Sorry ;)What can I say? We have great taste :)

    Lucy-You have great friends! I hate getting messages from the bank-they're mostly bad.Congrats on getting your card back,now you'll be able to do some damage ;)And reading blogs has been bad on my wallet as well.I buy twice as much as I used to.We really do enable each other don't we?


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