Saturday, September 12, 2009

Misa Toxic Seduction

I freakin' love this colour! It gets an A+,a blue ribbon and every other accolade I could give it.Toxic Seduction has been on my lemming list for a looong time.I finally broke down and ordered it a few weeks ago and when it finally arrived I squealed like a girl.It's a jaw-droppingly gorgeous smoky teal with green and gold shimmer.I can't say enough good things about it,so I'm going to let the lone picture I took of this beauty speak for itself.

Isn't it beautiful?
Aside from the gorgeous colour,I also love the name.Toxic Seduction sounds more like a thriller ( a la Basic Instinct or Unfaithful) starring Sharon Stone or Linda Fiorentino (remember her? eh,maybe not).Anyway,it's an intriguing name for a polish and it suits the colour perfectly.On a side note,I spent the day shopping with my parents and visiting old friends .One of the stops we made was Sally Beauty Supply,(uh oh).I'd like to say in my defense that I hardly ever get to visit Sally's because it's almost an hour away from me,but I totally broke my no-buy (I feel so ashamed *giggles*).I did notice that they had a few of the China Glaze's new glitters,so I overruled my no-buy decision and bought Atlantis,Medallion,and Cleopatra.There was another colour that was sold-out but I don't  know which one.I also bought Orly's Fantasea and some much-needed polish thinner.I couldn't help but notice the fabulous nail-art of the cashier.She did free-hand diagonal stripes on each nail in different shades of blue,very pretty.I always notice the make-up and fingernails of beauty shop clerks.If their make-up and hands are "tore-up",it makes me doubt their ability to offer sound beauty advice.I guess I'm just weird that way.
I hope you all are having a great weekend. I can't believe it's almost over!
Pinkginger-who has since revised my no-buy and is restricting all etailer purchases until October.In-store purchases are fair game,especially if the polish is Limited Edition.I am so wrong.


  1. Well that was certainly a fast no-buy change! Toxic Seduction is really a fantastic looking color. Starring Pinkginer who has lovely nails and breaks her no-buys.

  2. Lucy,What can I say? I was drawn in by the glitter!I love smoky colours like this.I'm hoping this is the last time I break a no-buy :P Thanks <3 I'll be stronger next time.


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