Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Misa The Grass Is Greener On My Side

OH.MY.GOSH! I love this colour! I know I say that about every colour,but I really mean it with this one.I love it.First of all,it's green (and I love green),and it's a neon(and I love neon),with shimmer(I don't even have to tell you that I love shimmer).The interesting thing about this polish is it dries to a satiny finish (it's almost matte-but not quite).The pictures capture both the blue and the green moods of this colour,but in real life it's somewhere between the two.And darker.Be still my heart!

This is what the finish looks like without top coat (all pictures indoors with 3 coats-the bottom pictures are taken under a lamp)

and this is with top coat

Did I mention that I love this colour? I am an equal opportunity polish addict.I love brights and neons just as much as I love my vampies.I am so glad I bought this one because it is so gorgeous I can't take it actually i can i just like being dramatic. This is a "summer" colour,but I've never paid attention to the seasons that much because winter is so goshdarned long here.I'd hate to go 5 months without wearing this colour,so I won't.Besides,seeing a bright colour on my nails always makes me happy.In high school I was known for my outlandish polish choices.I wore black before it was cool,ditto for army green and orange.Even though I was criticised for my odd taste ("You like black nailpolish?ew") I decided back then never to allow anyone else's standards of beauty to influence my own.I wear what I want, (if it's flattering on me-that is),when I want.I'm the only one who can really decide what is "in" or "out". OK,I didn't mean to turn that into a rant.I was supposed to be telling you about how my dad and I have this long standing argument.He believes that nailpolish is made from the exact same formula as car paint.I obviously disagree.I've used every possible defense (Hello?you need a mask to use car paint!),but he will not listen to me at all (because he's a man and that's not how they roll).And since my dad and I are so much alike,neither of us will concede.So who's right? Me or my dad?.I know it's me,but I'm asking just to humour him ;P

Have a wonderful day Ladies!
Pinkginger-who's no-buy is almost over!a very good thing,seeing as how I already broke it twice :P


  1. That's a very nice shade of green, isn't it? Looks wonderful on you. I love Misa polishes, their application is so nice.

  2. Love that green, it's so fresh and vibrant. This looks stunning on you!

  3. Oooh, well you did good on your no buy then! Haha, congratulations!
    I think you're right! Not the same thing at all! :P
    This color. I swear to God you are killing me. I'm putting it on my list. Pfffttt.
    And now I'm running away. But seriously, that's HOT!! And good for you wearing whatever you feel like, so long as YOU like it.

  4. That is a pretty green! It looks so nice on you!

  5. Mary-It is lovely,Thank you :) The application was flawless! I had never heard of Misa until I started reading nail blogs,now it's one of my favourites!

    Lambchop-Thank You :)It is even brighter and greener in person!

    Nicole-Haha! I only caved twice :P Once was to get the glitters from Sally's and an Orly (oops),and the other was a moment of weakness while shopping for jeans at the mall.The first thing I did once my no-buy ended was order more nailpolish! I am blaming you for 'Anklets of Amethyst'.It wasn't even on my radar until you swatched it ;) Thanks for the compliment,I am glad you like it and I know it will look fantastic on you as well(my enabling continues :D ).My nephew once told me that he likes how I wear different colours because it makes my hands 'interesting to look at'.Isn't he a doll? I keep threatening to paint my dad's car with nailpolish to see how it holds up.So far he hasn't taken me up on it-probably because he knows I'm right.

    Kae-Thank You!I am in love with it:)

  6. Your Dad is funny. My brother used to say the same thing to me. I wanted to try it but was afraid it would damage my nails. Besides I don't think the have small enough samples of the car paint. I woke up one morning and decided to wear what I wanted also. I figure I am certainly old enough to not worry about what others think of me. I wear what looks nice on me. I used to be looked at for wearing Revlon's Streetwear polish. My favorite was Toad and I'm always looking for that polish. Why I ever gave it away. I listened to a "friend" that said to me that it was a little ridiculous at my age to wear all those odd colors. She said they were only for teenagers. So like an ass I listened and gave my gorgeous stash away. I'd love to kick her ass now! So obviously I agree with you sweetie. Your nails look excellent and always do.

  7. Thank You Lucy! I loved Revlon's Streetwear collection! Toad was a gorgeous colour,it's too bad you listened to your "friend",sometimes I wonder about people like that.Instead of allowing you to be happy wearing your gorgeous green nailpolish she had to go and pull the "ridiculous at your age" crap.Wear whatever you want lady,you're entitled to :)


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