Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Think You're An Awesome Girl Tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful Nicole aka Magic Maid to share 10 random facts about me.I've enjoyed reading everyone else's so much that I'm afraid  mine will be kind of mundane in comparison.Here goes...

1.My name is Erin. Pinkginger is a combination of my favourite colour Pink, and Ginger,my childhood nickname.I didn't even know it was a flower until I Googled it. I also go by 'Pooky', a weird nickname my brother made up.I have no idea where it came from.My mother's name is Erin too, so technically I'm a Junior.

2.I ran track when I was in Jr High.The fastest time I ever posted was 100 meters in 9.95 seconds.My inspiration was Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo) .She often ran races in a tutu and had super-long natural nails.I started growing mine at age 10 because of her.

3.I have to have a book with me at all times.Even at parties.I usually read about 4 books per month,sometimes more.I always joke that I work at a book store to support my habit.

4.I've had two near-death experiences.The first one was an asthma attack at 14 months old,and the second was a near-collision with an oil truck and an SUV about 4 years ago.My dad was driving me to work and we skidded on black ice, narrowly missing both vehicles(and almost ending up in a lake).Our car flipped and landed in the ditch but fortunately,the car wasn't badly damaged and everyone was OK.I didn't even spill my coffee.

5.I have a large extended family.My father is the eldest of 14,my mother has 8 siblings, and I have 41 first cousins ON MY FATHERS' SIDE ALONE! I am forever meeting relatives I didn't know I had,or ones that haven't seen me since I was a baby.Our family gatherings are truly a sight to behold.We look like the residents of a small town when we're all together.

6.I didn't have the Internet until last February.I always convinced myself that I didn't need it,and that it was a waste of time.Now I'm wondering how the heck I lived without it for so long.I'm obsessed!

7.I'm a very picky eater.It isn't uncommon for me to like the taste of something,but refuse to eat it because I don't like the texture.I love the taste of strawberries,but I can't eat them with the seeds still on.I also hate raisins.

8.I'm an empathic intuitive.Having this ability is a blessing,but it's also really overwhelming at times particularly when I'm around someone in emotional distress,or really big crowds.I usually have to distance myself for a while,and then go back when I've calmed down.

9.I'm kind of a smart-ass. (you all already knew that one-ha!). I can't sleep in past 9 AM no matter how tired I am.I'm an odd mix between a night owl and a morning person,so I can go to bed really late and still wake up early.

10.I am a whiz at saving money.The only things I pay full price for are make-up,books,food,and really nice pens(I'm an art supply nerd as well).Everything else I buy when it's on sale.So far my best find is a pair of authentic Seven for All Mankind jeans for $ 10 at a second hand shop.I squeed all the way out of the store.

I hope you learned a little more about me,this is usually the point when I tag 10 other people but every blog I read has already been tagged.So I tag everyone who hasn't been tagged.Or anyone who likes doing these :)


Pinkginger-who also wanted to include that I am a huge fan of hockey,martial arts films,tv shows with either cops,vampires,or Ricky Gervaise in them and music from the 80's and 90's.I ran out of room though.


  1. Thats just crazy with all the cousins... :P i dont even have 1, cause im an onlychild and so is my mother :p and im the same as u with number 9.. both the smartass ;P and the late night sleeper-up early type :)

  2. *huge squee* Aww, thanks so much for sharing your name! I love it. And explaining your online moniker. You have a humongous family! WOW. 41 cousins on your dad's side? That's really neat though! As to reading, I've always joked that I should open a bookstore, since I like to read so much! Haha, it wouldn't be wise economically, but I would love it. My problem is I should really stop reading so many novels and try to read some good literature, I do enjoy it but I never remember to buy it.
    I hate raisins. Yuck. Oddly enough, I love grapes. It's so weird. And you know what else, cooked carrots. I love the crunch of raw carrots, but cooked are so smushy and nasty.
    I really must stop hijacking people's comment thing. I just wrote a small novel on Mary's ten things. Meep!
    I loved this, though. Thanks so much again for sharing!

  3. Wow, family reunions must be crazy for you! I cannot even begin to fathom what it's like to have a big family (I'm an only child), it must be so fun :) Thanks for sharing your facts, I liked them!

  4. I also have done the same as Nicole. I just can't help when I read interesting items I have to respond. Erin is a lovely name. Thanks for sharing yourself. I love your sense of smart ass humor. I can be that way and sometimes have hurt someones feelings. You know how you just can't cut it off sometimes. Especially if you have someone who doesn't get your comments. I loved Flo-Jo's nails. But I couldn't run to save my life. I always admire track runners. They also have fantastic legs and butts. I also can't believe all the near death experiences I keep reading. I'm a night owl, hoot hoot! I am totally with you on number 8. I guess that why it also makes me an excellent listener. Also reading some of these tags are very upsetting to me. On a happier note, what a wonderful and crazy thing to have a big family.

  5. rijaH-I have never met anyone with no cousins!There are only 2 in my family (i have an older brother),but my aunts and uncles all have 3 or more children.As for #9,I can't help it.It's a part of the charm ;P

    Nicole-You're Welcome :) When I was little I didn't like my name because I thought it was too "ordinary",but I looked it up in a name book once and I found out that it meant 'Peace',now I love it.Ginger was given to me by my cousin Chris (after Ginger from Gilligan's Island).My family is massive,but I think of it as normal until I meet someone with a small family,then I think,"ok,my family is strange" in a good way though.I buy books like I buy nailpolish.I currently have about 90 books that are unread.Yet, that doesn't stop me from buying more-eek!.Raisins are disgusting.I hate them.I am also not a fan of cooked carrots,or bananas.Thanks for tagging me,I love doing things like this <3
    Kae-Thanks :)At our last family reunion we needed 12 circus sized tents to contain everyone!The best thing about having a large family is that you can never really be angry at someone because they NEVER GO AWAY! You're pretty much forced to resolve any issues you might have because you're stuck with each other.But it is fun.I can never run out of friends :)
    Lucy-Thank You <3 I like comments so I don't mind one bit.I understand about the "people getting hurt feelings".My coworker (I call him Sloth) asks me at least once a day if I'm mad at him.I always say "No,I talk to everyone this way",because I do.I'm not doing it out of any malice,but sometimes people misunderstand.Running was my favourite sport because it didn't involve throwing or catching anything.I like staying up late(night owl!) but when i'm with my parents they always set a time limit on how late I can stay up.Boo!And being empathic does go hand in hand with excellent listening skills.It is always difficult for me to hear about the suffering of others as well,I can't even watch come shows because of this.My family is large and crazy! I meet new relatives every year and I love it :)


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