Monday, September 14, 2009

Fingerpaints Be A Pal-ette

Be A Pal-ette is a sparkly red-purple with multicoloured micro-glitter.The glitter flashes mostly blue,but there's also some red,pink,and purple evident as well.Love it! This is yet another colour that distracted me from work. I kept checking to see if it was chipped (it wasn't),and to look at the gorgeous sparkles.I am  completely enamoured with the colour purple.Especially this one.
Outdoors in sunlight
blurred to show the glitter

 outdoors in shade and blurred because I was too lazy to take another picture :P

This is unlike any other purple I have.I am always worried about buying dupes,(like OPI's Got the Blues for Red and Quarter of a Cent-Cherry-I own them both and they are exactly the same),but even with my recent purple polish blitz,I have yet to find one. I'm really impressed with Fingerpaints.I like the bottle,and the formula has a nice consistency-even for heavy-handed painters like me,I will definitely use their polish again in the future.Wow, I sound really robotic in this post.I need to go get my batteries recharged.

Pinkginger-who is off to drink caffeine and eat ice cream. 'Cause that's how we robots maintain our energy.


  1. I've never heard of this brand! Very pretty purple on you. Stop staring at your nails and get busy! I will join you in some caffeine. No ice cream for me. I'm having a small chocolate croissant! I'm on Weight Watchers and have counted the points and I'm okay. Good thing I didn't eat breakfast.

  2. Lucy-Hey! I did work! I do really like this colour :) I'd never heard of this brand until I stopped in Sally's for the first time in months.I might have to go back and buy more from them.A Chocolate croissant sounds yummy with tea or coffee.I always eat breakfast,but I usually skip lunch,eat a snack and then eat supper.My mom is on an eating plan that requires you to eat five small meals a day with snacks! The snacks are all really weird too.I ince saw her eat 2 ounces of sliced ham(!) I'd take adding points over that mess any day of the week :)


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