Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Day Cleopatra Went Out For A Stroll

Excuse the cheesy title,this was just my way of describing China Glaze's Cleopatra layered over Stroll without actually saying it.Except I just did.Anyway,after 4 days of stocking shelves and unpacking boxes,Stroll was a little worse for wear.I didn't have time to change the polish before work,so I just added 1 coat of Cleopatra with Seche Vite,(one way to save a ragged mani- just add glitter!).One of the delivery guys actually said,"Those are some shiny nails! Did you do them yourself?",when I told him I did,he said,"Nice Job".I was impressed because men never notice my nails! Apparently,Cleopatra still has the power to tantalize,even in polish form :) Now that I've seen it layered,I can't wait to try it on it's own.It was a mistake wearing it to work because I was very distracted by the holo flecks of glitter (boy do they stand out!).This is one glitterbomb of a polish. I can't wait to wear this combo at Christmas time.

all pictures indoors with flash

Blurry to show sparkle (though not as sparkly as I'd hoped-darn digital camera!)

I love this combination! In other news,nailpolish isn't my only obsession.I love books as well and I have amassed over 300  thus far.I didn't know how out of hand my book buying habit was (other than my massive stack of unreads),until I recieved a book in the mail that I forgot I ordered.The funny thing? I already bought the same book in the store a few weeks ago.So I am the proud owner of 2 copies of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.I guess one of them is the "collector's edition".I really should hide my credit card :P

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Pinkginger-who is probably due for a book no buy soon.It should be interesting seeing as how I work in a book store.Hm.


  1. Now how can you possible have a no buy in a book store? I always wanted to work in a book store. There would be a possibility of me reading too much and getting fired. I hope you get a big discount! Love the combination of Stroll and Cleopatra. Now that was funny about the delivery guy. Cleopatra still tantalizing men is cute! I used to work in a library. I worked in the business office where we received books. I left because I got hired at the Post Office. It broke my heart that I had to leave. I never went back in the library again. My girlfriend works there so she gets me books out. I still miss working there. When I left I had about 35 books sitting in my house that belonged to the library. This was back in the day when the library first went online. I had books that weren't in the system. My girlfriend had to take the books back a little at a time!

  2. So awesome. It is so funny when guys notice things like that. I was surprised when one of my cashiers noticed my butterfly Konad. What was funny that he was having me show it off to my other employees that day!
    I have to be careful with books. I could spend too much! As it is, I spend $100 every year to have the privilege of borrowing books from the library in the next town. (They have the big, modern library than the sad, little library in my hometown.)


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