Friday, September 4, 2009

China Glaze:Short 'n' Sassy

This colour was one of my must-haves from China Glaze's Retro Diva collection.I can never say no to a shimmery burgundy and this colour is no exception.I absolutely adore it! But then again,I'm a nailpolish addict so I "absolutely adore" everything lol! I have colours that are similar,but this one has a beautiful glowy effect. It looks darker on the sides of the nail than it does in the middle. Gorgeous.I also like the name because I am what you would call short "vertically challenged" in stature, I also have a reputation for being a bit sassy (when I'm not being a total softie),so the name is a perfect description of me.Unfortunately,I only got one picture because this was taken during the torrential downpour of last weekend.I used two coats without no over or undercoats.

indoors with flash

I must say,I really like this collection.It has a lot of really great colours,(not as many as Rodeo Diva-love it! but still pretty great). I have Stroll,Stella,and Thunderbird, but I want Cords and Let's Groove.Cruisin' would be nice too.And Skate Night, ( can you tell I'm going on a no-buy soon? Geez!). I'd better stop now before I break down and start buying :P

Peace Out,

Pinkginger-who has hidden my credit card to prepare for the no-buy.It would be even better if I didn't have my card number memorized :/


  1. I love the glow of this polish. I was really happy with this set also, especially the purple shades.

  2. also beautiful. This one I have. I have most of the collection, but I didn't care for Cords on me. Thunderbird is amazing.

  3. I've loved every shade I snagged so far! I did skip the orangey ones, and I'm not convinced I need those yet! This looks lovely on you :)

  4. Mary-Isn't it fabulous? China Glaze has offered some of the best colections I've seen so far.I love the purples too :)

    Nosaby-Thank you! I wore Thunderbird last week and got tons of compliments,normally I don't do well with greys,but I think Cords will work on me. I hope :/

    Thank You Nicole! This really is a great collection! I really want Cruisin' because it's a variation of gold,and I always need gold!

  5. I just ordered the whole collection. I love this on you. I just love all of the colors. There isn't a color I haven't met that I don't like. There maybe some that don't like me. The only thing I'm not crazy about is sheers. But then I might like the color. I'm just confused. I love all polish. Nail Fanatics are the best people.


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