Sunday, September 27, 2009

China Glaze Stroll

I bought this colour a few months ago,but this is the first time I've worn it.All I have to say is,what took me so long? Stroll is a part of China Glaze's Retro Diva Collection and is by far my favourite shade.I love shimmery,glittery reds,and the fact that the shimmer is gold makes this one even more interesting to look at.Since I (accidentally) started this blog, I've gone back to my old habit of changing my polish every day,but I liked this colour enough to keep it on for the entire week. The pictures I took make it look like a cool red,but it's a lot warmer and darker in person.

Take a look!

outdoors no flash (overcast)

outdoors no flash (sunset)

another sunset shot

indoors with flash

Hello Gorgeous!

I have so many shimmery reds it's bordering on ridiculous.Just when I think, "That's it,I'm done with  reds",another one catches my eye and I'm sucked in all over again.I blame my cousin Vivi for this.When I was 6 years old,she gave me a mini bottle of red nailpolish.She didn't know it at the time,but this was the genesis of my lifelong nailpolish fixation.I started growing my nails long at age 10,and using my allowance to buy nailpolish the next year.Actually,the very first OPI's I bought were Ponce De Lilac and Pike's Peekaboo Purple (it's been so long i don't even remember which collections they're from).Anyway,I love purple but there's nothing like a sexy,sophisticated red.Wearing it always makes me feel like a classy dame even when I'm doing un-glamorous things like taking out the garbage.OPI is the master of shimmery reds, but if China Glaze keeps giving us colours like this,the title just might be up for grabs.

Until Next Time
Pinkginger-who is just bought OPI's You Don't Know Jacques after I told everyone who would listen how much I hated grey.I don't like eating my words,but I freakin' love this colour :)


  1. You Don't Know Jacques is on my list to buy. I just love Stroll. That was in my order that I got last week. It looks gorgeous on you. There's just something so sexy and glamorous about red nail polish. I have a load of reds also. But when you see that gorgeous color all nice and shiny you just can't help yourself. I thought I had more OPI's than China Glaze but it's the other way around. I have to catch up!

  2. Isn't Stroll about the coolest thing, ever? Haha! I think it looks fantastic on you (of course!). Those gorgeous reds are sure hard to resist, that's why I bought most of the reds in the Retro Diva collection, though they look very similar! Haha!

  3. Lucy-Thank You <3 My selection of China Glazes is slowly catching up to OPI-it did have a 14 year head start after all-I think I'm going to buy some of the reds in the Holiday Glow collection too(see,I can't help myself!) and I DID NOT expect to like YDKJ! I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't look like mud :)

    Nicole-Thank You <3 I love Stroll! I think I ordered it after I saw it on your blog,(isn't that always the way ;P)and the reds from that collection do all look similar.But I could rationalize getting all of them because they're so darn pretty!Besides,us nailpolish aficionados can always tell the difference-lol!

  4. Lol I'm totally in the boat as you! I just keep buying reds even tho I know at home I've got a small army of them =x

    Well anyway I am lemming this as well hah!


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