Friday, September 18, 2009

BB Couture Frosty Meadow and Iced Olive

For my next offering in the BB Couture series,I chose the two greens I ordered from Overall Beauty.
Frosty Meadow is a kelly green with gold and green glitter.I love anything that sparkles,so this polish was a must-have for me.Both pictures 3 coats with no base or topcoat.
both indoors with flash (isn't it beautiful?)
The aptly named Iced Olive is an olive green,(wow,way to be redundant erin) with yellow-gold shimmer.Another stunner.Once again,flawless in 2 coats,but I always use 3.Both pictures are indoors with flash because it is too cold outside :(
All this green is reminding me of one of my favourite muppets.I'm including this clip because the song got stuck in my head while I was swatching these.It might not be easy to be green,but it's definitely easy to wear it. :)
For your listening pleasure... The song stylings of Kermit the Frog!!!

Or maybe not.
*just kidding Kermit*

Happy Friday Ladies!!!
Pinkginger-who is also a fan of the Swedish Chef and Fozzy Bear. ( i refuse to grow up!)


  1. Another amazing looking polishes from BB Couture. I think they have the best looking geen. They both are so gorgeous on you. Have you gotten Poison Ivy? That's my favorite.

  2. Oooh, Frosty Meadow is for me! I love it. Iced Olive is pretty, but I have a couple of other polishes really similar to it. Have to say they both look great on you - and I LOVE the Swedish Chef! Haha!

  3. That is fantastic! I have been wanting some BB Couture for so long. Oy. I need a raise. ;)

  4. Lucy-Thank you :)Poison Ivy is next on my list! It is absolutely gorgeous.BB couture does have a lot of amazing greens,Venom is pretty as well.

    Nicole-Thank You :)I bet Frosty Meadow would look amazing on you too! and Swedish Chef is probably my favourite of all the muppets :)

    Lampbchop-Don't we all! ha ha! This obsession is expensive :) You should pick up a few BB's if you get the chance,they're pretty awesome :)


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