Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BB Couture Dark Knight

About a month ago the folks at Overall Beauty had a buy 2 get the 3rd free sale.Since I am a sucker for the words 'sale',and 'free',I let my fingers do the walking to their website and picked out the 4 colours I wanted.When I saw this colour on the site I thought, wow another black *yawns*.Then I clicked on the photo and was completely awestruck by how gorgeous it was,(another black my asteroid!-I don't swear).Black never had it so good!  This is more of an blackened golden-olive,and the shimmer is ridiculous in the best possible way. I think I'm in love.
Both pictures with flash.It was dreary and overcast in Nowheresville
And one picture without.(pardon my raggedy hands)
I also love the name of this colour.I love comics and Batman will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the one that I used to read with my dad as a kid.I was a little wary of Christian Bale taking over the movie franchise (remember George Clooney? ew.),but I was really impressed with his version,(Michael Keaton is still the Bruce Wayne in my eyes though).The Dark Knight is probably my favourite Batman film next to the original. And Heath Ledger as the Joker managed to upstage Jack Nicholson's version (and no one-I mean-no one-upstages Jack!).It was one fantastic movie.But I digress,I'm here to talk about nailpolish not movies. I used 3 coats without base or topcoat.I don't really need them with BB's because they dry really shiny and flawless on their own.I just might have to revise my favourite polishes of all time list.
Peace Out!
Pinkginger-who is looking forward to watching 'Glee' tonight.I love musicals :)


  1. You reminded me that I still have to try the p olishes I got from that sale :) That's a pretty shade, I've seen it and debated ordering it and now I know I should!

  2. I have this one and it is amazing!Enjoy it :)

  3. Mary-I have so many untrieds it's ridiculous! You need to get this one though,it would look awesome on you.

    Katie-Thank You :)

  4. That Dark Knight looks gorgeous on you. I wasn't prepared to like Christian Bale. I think he's fantastic. Michael Keaton was the best. I agree with you about George Clooney. Heath Ledger stole the whole movie. What a pity that he died. I still get so sad when I read his name. I think of his poor little girl who looks just like him. I just looked at my list and I don't have this! I must rectify this soon.


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