Monday, August 24, 2009

A Sad Goodbye to An Old Friend

Hi All,

I have a nailpolish-related post scheduled for later today,but first I'd like to pay tribute to the closest thing I've ever had to a child.About 17-years ago,my then-neighbor's cat somehow got into our attic.She was pregnant at the time and none of us knew she was there until my dad had to get something from the attic,and was shocked to find three kittens.The first two ran as soon as they saw him but the third stood her ground,hissing and growling to scare him away. Naturally,this is the one I kept.My dad named her Spring because she could jump at least three feet in the air-even as a kitten,"It's like she has springs in her feet!",he kept saying. My parents were initially against the idea.My dad didn't really like cats,and my mother didn't want the extra clean-up.I finally wore them down and they decided I could keep her "Remember,she's your cat" my mother said. To be honest with you I was never really sure who was in charge. I believe that she thought she was the boss and I was her pet-catering to her every whim.She wasn't an overly affectionate cat,when she wanted to be petted,she'd approach you (and when she didn't she'd bite you),but when she felt like being sociable she was an absolute doll. Because she spent the first few months of her life outside,she always loved being outdoors.I was worried about it at first,but once I witnessed her chasing a pig out of our yard,I knew she could handle herself.

Spring was my constant companion.My parents told me that when I left for school,Spring would whine,and wait by my door all day until I returned.She loved sleeping on my bed,especially if she got to snuggle under the covers.

She was a wonderful cat and did not deserve to have her life end the way it did.Let me just say that I will always love dogs- but I don't love all dog owners.Had these dogs been safely inside their houses this morning,my beautiful girl would not have lost her life. I initially went outside because I thought I heard a prowler.The "prowler" turned out to be two stray dogs.My first instinct was to make sure Spring was safe.I looked around the yard to try and get her to come out of whatever hiding spot she'd found.When I couldn't find her I looked in the neighbors' yard and saw her there. Even though I feel like my heart has been broken in half,I count myself blessed because she chose to be a part of my life for 17 years.I'll miss her more than I can say :(
Pinkginger-who is wondering if it's odd to plan a funeral for a cat.


  1. awww - I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty cat! I am sure that must have been just awful finding her in the yard. I hope you are able to get through this tough time :)

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Our pets are like children and losing them is heartbreaking. It sounds like you both loved and enjoyed each other over the years.

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind words :) It was heartbreaking to lose her this way,but I am glad she was a part of my life for so long.

  4. Awww. I am so sorry - Spring was really a gorgeous girl, and I don't think it's odd to plan a funeral for her, as Mary said, pets are like our children. She wasn't my cat, but this story just breaks my heart for both of you. I hate that you lost her that way!

  5. I am so very sorry to hear about this. She was very pretty, but she's in a great place now. :) Again, I am sorry. And, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I am cery very sorry, and comegurate you from the bottom of my heart. Lets just hope that she is in the better place now. And i am sure she had wonderful life.
    The hole story is horrible, i am really very sorry,Spring will be always in your heart

  7. So sorry to hear this. It is never easy to lose a family member, and that's what she was. Man, my husband would have made someone VERY sorry they chose not to put their dogs on leashes! Take comfort in knowing you gave her a wonderful life.

    And we've had funerals for all of the animals we've lost throughout the years.

  8. Thank You Nosaby :) We had a funeral for her yesterday and buried her under her favourite tree.The fact that she knew how much she was loved has been a source of comfort for me,and apparently your husband and my dad are two of a kind.The first thing dad did when he found out was search for the dogs and/or the owners and give 'em hell for being so irresponsible.I kind of wish he found them.

  9. I'm so sorry also. What a beauty she was. Those green eyes are gorgeous. She lived a long and wonderful life. I think she was lucky she had you for a Mom. I had a cat that was very close to me. She was very affectionate and when she was indoors she was with me. I could hardly even read a book. She would jump on it and try and knock it out of my hands. I miss having animals. It's nice that she's outside under the tree. She's watching everything that's going on.

  10. Lucy-Thank-You :)I didn't think of Spring as a cat she was more like a little person with fur.I'll miss her beautiful face and her "I refuse to suffer fools gladly",feisty personality. She's definitely still here in spirit,if not in body.


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