Thursday, August 27, 2009

One More Haul!

Here are the polishes I picked out at Wal-Mart.I only intended to buy 4(ha!),but the rest were just begging to come home with me.I even bought a yellow-I hate yellow! Looks like I'll be very busy with swatching for the next couple of weeks :)

From Left to Right,Sally Hansen Diva,Wet 'n' Wild Wild Orchid,Sally Hansen HD Three-D,and Lite (hate that name!),Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed,Mandarine,Lime Lights,Gunmetal, and Shooting Star,Wet 'n'Wild Craze(yay!) in Goldmine,Morbid,Shield,and Glitz (wow, another name dupe,interesting)
I also ordered 3 more from QRS,another big Transdesign order,the BB Couture polishes from last week,and 1 bottle of 'Scrangie' from RBL (you don't even want to know how much that costs to ship here!).I think I'll stop now :P

Take Care,
Pinkginger-who now has more nailpolish than I know what to do with!


  1. Oh wow! I've been avoiding those HD polishes. HA! I only have one! I love the Xtreme Wears though, I have a pile of those. I recently got Sunkissed too!
    You're gonna love the Wild Orchid.
    Overall I was super pleased with the Craze polishes. Didn't like the gold on me, I wonder how it will look on you??
    I can't wait to see the rest of your boxes! I want a bunch of the RBL polishes, but haven't indulged yet.

  2. Who started all this buying? Someone did and now it's spreading like wildfire! I ordered all the new Mac polishes. you picked up some gorgeous colors. That yellow you hate looks really nice.

  3. Nicole-When I first saw the Craze polishes swatched I knew these were the 4 I wanted,I've been buying a lot of gold lately so I'd like to see how this compares.As for RBL? I had to limit myself to 1 because they cost AN ARM AND A LEG to ship here-I'm glad I bought it though,it's a gorgeous colour.I love how we keep buying the same colours without knowing it-it's eerie!

    Lucy-Something in the water perphaps? Everyone is on a spending spree! I love the new colours from MAC-there's a store across the street from where I work but I will resist temptation...this time!I tried the yellow on today and I have to say it looks pretty darn good!This doesn't change my opinion of yellow,but it does compliment my skintone.


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