Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old School:Sally Hansen Chrome Carnelian

Hello All!

I have realized something that I never knew before.I am terrible at giving directions.I am even worse when I am giving directions to 2 handsome Russian men (I am obsessed with Russia and I love accents-not a good combination).Instead of giving them the simplest route to the new mall,("go across the street and take bus 65 ,it'll take you right there"),I pointed vaguely to the west and mumbled something about "going 'round a mulberry bush,down the path,and into the woods".Actually I didn't really say that,but I might as well have-that's how dumb I sounded.
Sometimes I should not say words (lol!)
 Anyway,I'm here to talk about nails-not my uncanny ability to sound like a dumb ass around men I find attractive *sigh* .I chose Sally Hansen Chrome in Carnelian (a metallic fuchsia) as my old school swatch.  I remember buying this about 10 years ago when metallics were all the rage.I liked this colour even though the polish would never stay put.While most polish chips in small pieces, this chips in sections. One minute it was on the nail and in the next a huge chunk was missing,leaving me to wonder where it went.Generally I don't care for metallics much (unless they are either gold or sparkly) but this one is really pretty. Most metallic polishes aren't heavily pigmented,but when I look at this one I think  'Wow! This is gorgeous!'  The formula is pretty good too. It's smooth without being streaky.My only complaint is the wear.Even with a topcoat it lasts about 20 minutes before disappearing to parts unknown. Bummer.

I used 2 coats for this,with Essie To Dry For as a topcoat.

Pretty right?

Aside from almost getting two tourists lost in the woods (seriously!) I also received my order from Overall Beauty(click here to browse their site-they have swatches and everything!).I had to resist the urge to squeal with delight because my parents are visiting and,would be wondering what on earth their crazy daughter was screaming about (lol!) I love every single colour I ordered and Kim was so sweet,she sent me an email letting me know that I was paying too much for shipping on the website and that I would be refunded the difference.That is some excellent customer service! I will definitely be ordering from them again, A) because they have such amazing colours and  B)Their customer service is awesome. Good Times.

Well,that is all I have for now.I'm going on vacation in exactly 24 hours from now and I cannot wait! Expect a lot of posts because I'll have a lot of time to kill-lol!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Vacation is always a good thing, yay! I like that color it's pretty on you :)

  2. That's a great pink. Vacation time is always fun. At least it should, but sometimes you need a vacation from the vacation. I hope it isn't that kind of vacation. Gee...this sounds like something Groucho Marx would! Any way...moving right along...have a nice vacation. I look forward to your upcoming posts.

  3. Kae-I agree! It is definitely much needed,and thank you :)

    Velvet-Isn't it?I was looking forward to relaxing on this vacation,but I'll be visiting my parents and the first thing my mother said was "Oh,good! I have LOTS of cleaning to do!" Oh Lord (lol!)

  4. Love your nail color. Very pretty. I never heard of a polish coming apart like that! Enjoy your vacation and cleaning. OMG why do Mothers do that? You know you'll help her. Get some relaxation somehow!

  5. Thanks Lucy! I will try to relax...right after I help my mother clean her house-lol!


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