Saturday, August 8, 2009

Old School:Revlon Laser Lavender

Hello All!

The colour in today's old school is about 13 years old,give or take 3 years.It was released as part of a purple themed collection (complete with lavender lipstick and eyeshadow).The name escapes me,but I think it was called something like "Virtual Violet".I bought 3 other colours from the collection,but this one is my favourite.I didn't consider it a duochrome at first because in the bottle it looks like a typical violet with blue shimmer.Then I tried to take a picture without getting the blue,and it would not go away no matter what light I used! I tried to capture the pretty red-violet base,but it just wouldn't happen.I'm still happy with the pictures though despite the inaccuracy.Take a look.

with flash,bluish....

natural light (getting warmer...)

indoors with flash (nope! bluish)

indoors,natural light (close...but no cigar)

With flash (it looks lavender here!)

and here...

you can kind of see the purple here...

but not really!

I'm more of a dark purple fan,but I really like this colour.(Wow,I feel like I'm repeating myself,"I like it,I love it,It's pretty,it's gorgeous", I need to come up with some new words).
I think this colour is glorious!

Have a good day,or night,or morning...


  1. That's very pretty on you! I love the old Revlons...the new ones are nice too, but it's always fun to use the old ones.

  2. That is a really pretty color! I too like the older Revlons, ah if only I could time travel and get them all...

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with both of you! Thanks for the compliments :)

  4. I miss the old Revlons. I used to have quite a few. Wish I never would've gotten rid of them. Gave them to my little cousins who loved all the makeup I gave to them. I love this shade of polish on you. Very pretty.


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