Sunday, August 2, 2009

Old School:Cutex Lectric

No, that isn't a typo,the colour is actually called "Lectric".Was the extra"E" too expensive to print on the label?Just wondering.Anyway,this is an old Canadian(at least I think it's Canadian) brand that went the way of the dodo.Too bad,because it had a lot of really interesting colours (it did funky before everyone else did) it even had it's own frankening (love that word!) kit with red,blue,and yellow polishes,and 3 empty bottles.I'm telling you they were ahead of their time.One of my favourites is the aforementioned 'Lectric'.The name annoys the crap out of me(Lectric? seriously?),but it's a really nice blue-purple(didn't show up in these pictures),duochrome(again,did not show up in the pictures)

See for yourself!

3 coats,no base or topcoat

The only thing (other than the stupid name), that annnoyed me was the application.It could be because it's old,but it was very streaky and took almost 4 coats to get the bottle colour.I have a few other Cutex polishes and they are all the same way.This one was purchased 10 years ago because I needed a colour to match my prom dress (corny,I know) it worked pretty well.Still, if OPI's 'I'm Dating a Royal' were around back then it would have worked better.I've said it before,I'll say it again,I'm a nailpolish geek and proud of it ;)
Well Ladies,I hope you all had a good weekend.I'll have more later on.Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lol...I would be asking the same question. Where is the,*E*?! That blue looks like a home coming dress that I wore. Seriously! LOL! And that was back in the late 80's.


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