Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old School: Cutex Emerald

Funny story,
I was in my parents' basement snooping cleaning,when I found a half-empty bottle of dark green nailpolish in my father's tool box.I remember buying it 12 years ago because it matched the dress I was wearing to the dance. For at least 9 years I thought I had thrown it out by mistake.It turns out that it was in my dad's tool box the entire time! When I asked my dad about it he said "Oh,that? I've been using it to mark my tools". Seriously Dad? Almost an entire bottle of beautiful dark green shimmer was wasted on tools?. To be fair,my dad is a contractor and tools are to him as books and nailpolish are to me-he gets pretty bent out of shape if even one goes missing. However,if he had asked me I would have given him one of the 100 shimmery reds I own (OK so I'm exaggerating again -it's a solid 50).Instead he took the only dark green I had and almost used it all.(boo!) I had to use 4 coats because it was pretty difficult to apply.I had to tip the bottle sideways to get a reasonable amout of polish on the nail and it still ended up looking streaky.

Now the pictures
all indoors with flash

* excuse the blur*

It's a fabulous colour.Keep in mind that this came out before Zulu (shocking,I know) like I said before,Cutex was ahead of their time.In order to save my beloved bottle from becoming a hot gummy mess, I relied on an old school remedy-frankening. I didn't want it to lose it's base colour so I mixed it with a clear glass fleck (On Nicole's Wishlist by Nicole OPI), that I never use anyway.Call me crazy,but I like this one even better.
Take a look...

indoors with flash

outdoors in the shade

Absolutely stunning!
I think it looks like a cross between Here Today Aragon Tomorrow,Gussied Up Green and Watermelon Rind.It's dark-but not too dark.I decided to keep the original name because the only other name I could think of was 'Swamp Thing' and it's way to pretty to be tagged with a name like that.
Until Next Time,
Happy Sunday!

Pinkginger -who is hiding her nailpolish from now on ;)


  1. Thats so neat you found such an old polish in such an odd place! It is very pretty, I like how you frankened it and made it een better :)

  2. Thanks Kae!I'm glad I was able to "rescue" it from my father ;)


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