Monday, August 24, 2009

Now For Something Completely Different...Cremes!

Hi All!
While going through my old posts I couldn't help but notice a trend.All of the nailpolish I have featured thus far has been shimmer,frost,or glitter.I said to myself, 'I should do more cremes!' and looked to see how many I had in my collection.I was surprised to find a pretty meager selection,particularly when I have about 90+ bottles of OPI alone.I guess I'm even more of a shimmer fan than I thought.Anyway, this is a sampling of some of the cremes/jellies I've purchased over the years.It was difficul to find ones that weren't vampy or boring neutral.

Check them out,

OPI Dutch Tulips-Is a pretty pink-red from OPI's Classics collection.As you all know,pink is my favourite colour.I really like this one because it's pink but it has enough red in it to make it interesting.It's a perfect colour for summer and looks really nice on almost every skintone.

OPI Elephantastic Pink-A bubblegum pink from OPI's India collection.I love it because it is girly and feminine.This picture doesn't capture its true colour because in real life it's a lot warmer than this.Beautiful.

OPI Koala Bear-y-Yet another berry pink! I have no idea what thi colour has to do with koalas(probably an excuse to use the pun-ha ha) but it's a really nice shade.

OPI We'll Always Have Paris-OPI's France collection was probably one of my favourites colour-wise.It had a lot of beautiful shades in it and this vampy raisin burgundy(I hate raisins) was one of them.Perfect for fall/winter.

OPI Boris& Natasha-OK I have to admit I bought this one just for the name.It automatically brings back memories of watching Rocky and Bullwinkle,a show I always assumed was just a harmless cartoon,but upon watching it as an adult I realized that it was actually a cleverly disguised satire against the Cold War.I digress,this is also pretty colour .It's a reddish purple that is really quite sophisticated.The Russian Collection is another one of my favourites from OPI (and not just because I am obsessed with Russia!).It had a lot of interesting colours-Midnight in Moscow for example,and it was tailor-made for fall (unlike the current Spain collection which has too many brights).I really like this one.

Well,that ends my 'creme' feature (Man,does that sound weird!) I hope you enjoyed it.
Until Next Time,
Pinkginger-who is slowly revealing her geekdom layer by layer!


  1. What beautiful cremes. I tend to have lots of glitters and shimmers also. Then you just need to have a creme. What better choices than pink! The last two I'm really crazy about. They of course, all look lovely on you. They look sophisticated also.

  2. Thanks Lucy! I really like dark cremes they're always really dramatic and posh-looking.I like bright cremes too,but the darks are my favourite.


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