Sunday, August 30, 2009

NOTD:Zoya Kiki

I am a big proponent of all things pink and girly,so when I saw this colour on Nicole's blog I asked myself "Why don't I have this yet?" and then proceeded to order it from ebay (Zoya doesn't ship here).When I tried it on I absolutely fell in love with it.It is a perfect shimmery hot pink and the pictures don't even begin to capture its true brilliance.

indoors no flash

outdoors in direct sunlight

So hot it glows!

indoors no flash (did mention I love this colour?)

Zoya nailpolish is great.It's quick drying and easy to apply and I love the selection of colours,(most of them anyway,some are just atrocious). Kiki is probably one of my favourite pinks.It is so vibrant it's almost a neon. I was definitely staring at my nails all day because of this one, it's absolutely fabulous :D

Until Next Time,

Pinkginger-who just realized that a disproportionate amount of pretty girls are nicknamed "Kiki".Interesting...


  1. Oh, HOT! It looks fantastic on you :D I love it! I'm so glad you got this one too :)

  2. I love this. How funny that you and Nicole posted on the same polish. Great minds and all that......

  3. Nicole-Thanks!I blame you ;) but seriously,I love this colour so it's a good thing :)

    Nosaby-It freaks me out how similar Nicole's taste is to mine.It also freaks me out that we both scheduled this for the same day.I love how you called us great minds.That was sweet :)

  4. You two are polish twins. How cute! That is a lovely pink on you. Darn I don't have it. Well someday I will own her. She's been on my list for quite some time.


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