Sunday, August 9, 2009

NOTD:QRS Erin Island

Hello All!

I'll start today's NOTD with some info,(whether you like it or not-mwahahah!). My Nana always has candy.No matter where we are or what we are doing,I can always count on Nan to ask "Would you like a mint?" at some point.Even at funerals. Anyway,the reason why I shared that riveting info with you(other than my need to ramble-lol!),is because Erin Island looks exactly like the mints my Nan has in her purse.None of the pictures I took captures the true colour(though the first one comes close).It's a minty green for sure,but more pigmented than the other ones I've seen (Essie's St Martin Mint comes to mind).I have to say QRS polishes are great.They have a nice formula,they dry quickly,and they are inexpensive.It also doesn't hurt that their '24kt' is almost a dupe of Chanel's Gold Fiction (a colour I have been lemming forever!).I'll be glad to give them more business once I figure out the shipping situation,until then I'll stick with the ones I have.

indoors no flash (3 coats no base,SV topcoat)

with flash (whoa! too much!)


indoors no flash

What I found with the creme and neon QRS polishes is that the flash changes the colour completely.They always look a lot lighter than they are in real life.I still think they're awesome though :)

I still have a few more to show you an will probably do so sometime next week.
Happy Sunday Ladies!
Pinkginger (who chose to buy this colour because 'Erin' is her mothers' name!)


  1. I laughed reading about your Nana. My Granny was the same way. If we were at her house it was lollipops and circus peanuts. But when we were out she always had Certs. I probably ate a role of Certs every Sunday at church!

    The green looks great on you, too.

  2. Very nice mint color. That's sweet about your Nan. She likes her! But hey it's good to freshen up the breath while out and! I like the peppermint altoids myself.

  3. Aww, well I loved your story too, that is too cute!
    And then I went on to your pictures, I think I said "Wow" about five times in a row nonstop. That to me is even prettier than Essie St. Martin Mint, which I'm glad, as I've heard it's so hard to get ahold of, I can "settle" for this QRS polish! Hardly settling, I like this better *lol* Thank you for showing it off, looks completely fantastic on you!

  4. Nosaby-Thanks! My Nan used to have certs too :)

    Velvet-Fresh breath is important to my Nan (lol!)I prefer altoids or gum,especially in comparison to my nan's mints-those things are huge!

    Nicole-Thank you :)I like this colour better than St Martin Mint as well,it's a little "mintier" lol! (is that even a word?)It's a fantastic colour either way.

  5. Like this shade of mint. I don't have a "Nan" but my girlfriends Mom always has Lifesavers mints. Whenever we're together she ask if we want a mint. I don't care for the chalky taste but I sometimes take one so she feel happy that I took one. I love your stories. I like to read a mixture of polish and life.


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