Monday, August 10, 2009

NOTD:QRS Belmont Garden

Hello All!

This is the second green from my QRS haul.As per usual,I couldn't capture the true green-ness of it in pictures.For some reason it photographs almost neon once the flash hits it (weird) it really isn't that bright in person.It's actually a deep Kelly green.It's beautiful (although my Nan hates when I wear colours like this and always asks me to "wear normal nailpolish") Whatever that means.

Take a look

indoors,no flash (close...)

with flash (blinded by the light!)

looks like Gumby *haha*

still pretty...but too bright

I don't know why,but I'm really feeling the greens this month (wow,that makes me sound like some kind of produce molester-ack!).What I meant to say was,I really like the colour green this month.It's very pretty and fresh,and it always reminds me of summer.I'm glad I'm getting my wear of these shades now,because in the fall I'll be rocking my vampys and reds.
That's all I have for now,I hope you all had a good weekend!
Peace out
Pinkginger (who is still surprised that people are actually interested in her rambling! )


  1. omg gorjuz i musttttttt have this colour

  2. Love this shade of green. You have beautiful nails! I can only dream of nails as long as yours. They are a little Gumby green but then again I like Gumby.

  3. Skye-I know! It's awesome :)

    Lucy-Thank-you,you are so sweet :) I like Gumby too.


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