Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NOTD:QRS The Arabian Nights

The first time I ever saw this colour was on Mary's blog (click here to see her post).It's black and glittery and absolutely perfect for me.Every time I look at it I think of the night sky.I also think about Grade 1 when we were fortunate enough to rent a Star lab for our class.What the heck is a "Star lab" you ask? Well,it's basically a silver igloo that us kids would crawl into and view images of the night sky(it was also pitch-black,hot and smelled like rubber but I'm just being picky)The best thing about it was the "stars".You could actually see the different constellations and all the planets.I thought it was pretty cool and kept asking our teacher if we could keep it.She said no.(Kill-joy!) Anyway,enough about me,back to the nailpolish.I have lots of glitters but I've never had anything like this.It is so pretty I keep staring at my nails-I love it that much.The name suits it perfectly,as it looks like millions of little stars-well maybe not millions-I exaggerate a lot :)

Check these out
natural light

indoors with flash

blurry to see sparkle (pretty!)

ooh! love it!

blurry again

This colour is fantastic!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a good week,
Thanks again for reading!
Pinkginger(who is debating whether or not to go on a no-buy after her latest haul arrives-probably not)


  1. I can see why you would relate the polish to a Star Lab! It looks very nice on you, so glittery :)

  2. Oh, I love this on you! I first saw it ever on Mary's blog too. I'm definitely wanting some of their polishes! Oh, it's so hard to be on a no-buy. I have virtually no resistance!

  3. Thank You Mary! I love glitter. Also,thanks for posting this I wouldn't have known about it otherwise :)

  4. I love how you throw in bits about yourself when describing nail polish. It's not boring at all! This does look like the night sky with stars. So sparkly!

  5. Nicole-Thanks! I'm already taking back my no-buy decision and I haven't even started yet!Oh,dear :)

    Velvet-Thank-you,I really appreciate that! My coworker calls me "Cliff" (as in the guy from 'Cheers') because I always have a(long-lol!) story to tell,so it's only natural that I do it here too :)

  6. I'm really enjoying your posts. I love your stories. I love more content to read. Just nails and pictures are fine but some writing about your life and family is fantastic. Now to the polish. Just gorgeous on you. I love glittery polishes. It does remind me of the night sky. The star lab must have been fun.

  7. Thank you so much :)Most of the time I think 'aww,will people really want to read this?' So I'm really glad you like them!This is one of my favourite glitters (and I do love glitter!) and the star lab was fun!


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