Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NOTD:Orly Glitz

Glitz outdoors overcast (the prop is a necklace my mother bought for me at an Oxfam fundraiser) indoors with flash

I have been looking for a really good gold since 1996.The only gold polishes I could find back then were either too bronze,or too yellow.I was on the fence about purchasing Glitz,but I decided to anyway because it's such a gorgeous shade.It's too shimmery to be a frost (and as you regular readers know I hate frost) and has enough yellow in it to offset the bronze-ishness (oh yes I did make up a new word!).As an added bonus,it looks great with my skintone-if I do say so myself :)
I've always liked Orly as a brand.I've been using their polish since it was in those oddly shaped bottles(trapezoids?- i suck at math) with the silver cap.I'm glad they changed the bottle design,but I'm still hopeful that they'll re-release their Satin/Matte collection,it was one of my favourites.
Wow,that post was really short.Normally, I'm the longwinded lady, who lives by the motto "To make a long story longer..." but for some reason I'm not as verbose today.
I'll be better tomorrow :P
Pinkginger-who just had to run my yap even though the only thing I had to talk about was how little I have to say.I'm so different normal.


  1. Yum! I'm so glad you swatched this - I was really curious about it after seeing the pic yesterday. It really is pretty - it doesn't look too frosty or metallic, which I tend to not like AT ALL on my nails either. It really does look fantastic with your skin!
    I just got an order in that contained Midnight In Moscow. You know I ordered that and thought of you! :P

  2. Thanks Nicole!When I saw your haul yesterday I said "I just bought Can You Tapas This!" we really are eerily similar when it comes to nailpolish!
    P.S. I love Midnight in Moscow but you already knew I would ;)

  3. Hi! I am so behind on the comments, I loved your franken and this Orly, and I am so so sorry about your lovely Spring. She is in a better place now.

  4. That's a gorgeous gold on you. I love a beautiful gold. Looks so outstanding with your skintone if I don't say so myself! The necklace looks fabulous. Is it stretchy? I have about 10 or so golds. Each one is so different.

  5. Thank You Lucy! The necklace isn't stretchy,it's a little longer than a choker(it matches the polish well also!).I love a good gold-I keep adding more to my collection and like you said,they're all really different.


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