Sunday, August 23, 2009

NOTD:OPI Music Hall Curtain Call

Hi All!
I bought this a few days ago at the drugstore (it did have a label on the bottom-otherwise I would have to label this OPI "Bronze & Brown shade" -stupid drugstore) This colour is from OPI's Kick Up Your Heels collection.I wasn't too impressed with it back then,but this time it really caught my wallet.It's an orange-red with gold shimmer.Actually it has so much shimmer it could be labeled a frost.It's an odd one to describe because it has so many different facets to it.

indoors with flash

outdoors in indirect sunlight

why does my camera keep doing this?

in this picture it reminds me of molten lava!

I don't have any colours like it (the closest match I'd have would be An 'EL' of a Color because they're both warm reds with gold shimmer-but this one is quite different) It's a beautiful shade either way.
At some point I will feature the cremes in my collection.Most of them are neutrals ,so I have to be in the mood to swatch them.I am so unique
strange -lol!

Well,I'm off to go prepare for a hurricane(thankfully downgraded to a category 1)
Have a good day!
Pinkginger-who is happy I used to camp because I have everything I need in case the power goes out)




  1. That is a gorgeous shade on you. I love the glow it has. Glad that it's a tropical storm and not a hurricane. I've never been through one and hope never to. Good thing you have all the supplies. I don't know why people wait till the last minute to go get suplies.

  2. Thanks Lucy :)I've only been through 1 hurricane in my life.I went almost a week without power-not cool.I have never understood the people who wait until the night before to buy essentials and then complain because the store has sold out.I'm glad I had the good sense to keep everything.


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