Saturday, August 29, 2009

NOTD:OPI Here Today,Aragon Tomorrow!

Not "Aragorn"!
You know I just wanted an excuse to put up a picture of Viggo Mortensen right?Ain't no shame in my game ;)

Aragon! (the region of Spain seen here)

For some reason my mind always changes the name of this polish! when I first saw the previews I thought "What does Lord of the Rings have to do with Spain?" then I noticed that there was no extra "r" and the name is actually a reference to the region in Spain.Duh.Anyway,this colour was the first one I put on my "get" list(along with Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees and Give Me Moor).It's a beautiful dark green with the subtlest hint of shimmer-just enough to make it interesting. Normally,I really like OPI's collections but "Spain"was disappointing.The colours are all nice,but some of them aren't what I would consider fall.Oh well, it gave us this beauty so I guess I can't hate on it too bad.(wow,my grammar is spectacular-ha!)
Now the polish,I used three coats without base or top coat.It was dusk in Nowheresville so I didn't get a great picture of it in sunlight.

Because this polish reminds me of evergreen trees I wanted to get a picture of it with my pine cone basket.I only got the handle though so it looks like I'm grabbing a big stick.Meh.

You can see the shimmer better in this one, pretty!

My thoughts on this colour?It's great.I'm a bit biased because I love green,but it's one of the best greens I have.I've always worn black nailpolish,but sometimes I find it too severe(also,everyone and their mama is wearing black right now), colours like this are always welcome in my collection because they're a nice alternative.

Until Next Time,
Pinkginger-who is looking forward to the movie adaptation of 'The Hobbit' (they'd better not screw it up!) I'm a geek.


  1. I like that one! I didn't get any of these, although I thought about getting this one. But it looked so dark in the bottle, I wasn't sure how it would show up. But you can definitely see the green.

  2. Lovely NP and I am cracking up at your "big stick."

  3. Ahahah! *drools* I do love me some Viggo. YUM YUM YUM. Thank you so much for including that picture, it was well worth it. I too am a complete J.R.R. Tolkien geek, and am very anxious to see what they come up with in regards to The Hobbit. I can't even begin to describe how spectacularly low my expectations were when I heard they were adapting the Lord of the Rings series for screen - boy, was that a very pleasant shock!
    Umm, maybe I should shut up now about it. Here I am hijacking your comments into a book discussion! Sorry girl. <3
    This polish looks as lovely on you as I anticipated. I think it's perfect! Boy am I glad you got it :) It's dark, yes, but still not so dark you can't see that it's green on your nails. That makes it a winner to me!

  4. My older dog as a puppy ate my first lotr book lol.

    I love this color, looks nice on you :)

  5. I keep wavering on whether to buy this. I do have polishes like this. Looks gorgeous on your nails. Thanks for putting the beuatiful Viggo in here. I'm glad someone finally did it. I really pray that the movie is a well done as Lord of the Rings. Sometimes they so a good job.

  6. Mary-It is a great colour!I don't know if I would have purchased it had it been darker.

    Nosaby-Thank you! I didn't catch how it looked until I'd already uploaded the picture by then I thought,'Ah well,I'll leave it as it is and explain it' :)

    Nicole-Me too! I was also pleasantly surprised by the movie adaptations of the novels (I'm normally a huge snob-especially if I've read the book),but I loved the LOTR films (and Viggo!) and I hope they have the same high standards for The Hobbit. And thank you for the compliment :) I think this is my favourite colour of the collection,I'm glad I bought it
    too.You don't have to apologize for turning your comment into a book discussion,I was paid to talk about books for 8 years, so it's second nature to me.

    Kae-Oh noo! puppies always kill books!lol and thank you :)

    Lucy-Thank You! I couldn't resist including him,he's a gorgeous man :) It's hard when you have similar polishes because you never know if the new colour is going to be a duplicate of the old one-I usually take my chances though.I'm excited about The Hobbit,I've seen some really good movie adaptations so I pray this is one of them.


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