Friday, August 21, 2009

NOTD:BB Couture Midnight Desire

I am a sucker for a good purple.When I saw this colour on the Overall Beauty website,I immediately added it to my shopping cart (can somebody say 'impulse control? geez).Anyways, I'm really glad I bought it.I have quite a few purples in my collection,but this one is a little different because it has more multi-colored shimmer.I counted at least five different colours,but there could be more. In my pictures it's more blue-toned but it is more of a true purple in person.

Take A Look,

outdoors,low sunlight

indoors with flash

indoors with flash


outdoors at dusk

As usual,the formula was perfect.I only used two coats but could've gotten by with one had my application been neater :P

Until Next Time,



  1. Oh, that is cool! I was curious what this one would swatch like, I was eying this one too. Looks great on you of course :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! I knew you'd like it :)

  3. This looks gorgeous on you. I love BB Couture Polish! I adore all their greens. They are the best. This is one of my unworns.

  4. Thank you-I love this colour! Their greens are next on my list!I almost ordered Green Goblin but I changed my mind at the last minute now I want it again.I'll get it next time.


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