Friday, August 7, 2009

NOTD: OPI Hoodoo Voodoo?!

Today I decided to choose a creme for once (gasp!). Even though my collection is dominated by shimmer,there are some creme shades that have caught my eye and this was one of them.Ok,I'll admit,the main draw was the name (Hoodoo Voodoo?!-how cool is that?) but I really like this dusty pink (that matches my living room ,coincidentally) even though it isn't "blingy".I used 3 coats here,but could've done with 2.
In other news,my choice to to live in rural bliss has bit me in my arse yet again.A few weeks ago I saw Quirious nailpolish on Mary's blog.When I clicked on the link,I was pleased to find out that they did indeed deliver to Canada .For some reason I thought that we were included in the 'does not ship overseas'.Then I remembered my geography and realized that Canada and the U.S. share a land border and we were exempt. Duh. So I ordered several colours and awaited their arrival.Yesterday,(after my haul was safely in my hands),I attempted to order more colours.Once I got to the address part I saw highlighted in yellow," Courier does not ship to this address".
Say Whaaa? I'm pretty sure the polish I received was indeed delivered to my door,then I remembered that they changed their shipping practices in starting August 1st.I guess the changes included not delivering to nail polish addicts who live in the sticks.Darn. So far at least 4 of the preferred beauty sites don't deliver (what would I do without Transdesign?),so I can't try brands like Color Club unless I shop Ebay (which can be expensive).I guess I'll have to have stuff sent to my friend Jackie's address(she lives in Boston), at least until etailers start sending things outside the U.S., (or metropolitan areas for that matter).That's what I get for liking trees.
Have a Good Weekend!


  1. That's too bad about the current shipping status. I'll ask them about it next time I talk to them. I hope you like your polishes from them! I love HooDoo VooDoo on you! My collection is more shimmers also, but I'm trying to branch out!

  2. Thanks Mary! I really really like the polishes I got from them (even the free one!) so hopefully I'll be able to get more :)I'm slowly adding more cremes to my collection,but I automatically go for the sparkle!

  3. That shade is too cool, I too am super keen on shimmers, but this would have caught my eye too, and the name! It's totally cool! Looks fantastic on your skin as well :D

  4. Love this shade of pink on you. Very pretty! I love that your living room is that color! Wish I could have color instead of white walls. Living in an apartment stinks for color choices on the walls. Shame about the shipping. Damn!


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