Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze BFF

Hi All!

I bought this colour about a month ago,but this is the first time I've worn it (you'd think that would be a clue that I should stop buying for a while...Nope!) What can I say about it other than it's pretty spectacular. I have a few other holos in my collection, but none of them look like this.It kind of reminds me of a CD.The shimmer is a lot finer than most holos,so the overall effect is really smooth-I can't stop staring at my nails! I must admit,China Glaze is slightly edging out OPI as my favourite brand ever.They have some of the best colours I have ever seen,and their formula is fantastic.

Take A Look....

outdoors in the shade
indoors with flash

outdoors in shade (again)

direct sunlight (ooooh!)

direct sunlight again (ahhhhh!)

More holo goodness!

I think I'm going to buy more from this collection,it's pretty awesome :)
Peace Out!
Pinkginger-who now has a seperate savings account specifically for future nailpolish purchases!


  1. Oh it's sooo pretty. Yes, China Glaze is becoming a favorite of mine too. This polish looks very nice on you. I love these holos from China Glaze.

  2. Oh wow, that is SO cool! I'm not overly keen on pink, but I really love this, I think it's the holo that's attracting me to it. Looks great on you of course!

  3. You have to buy the whole collection. They are just gorgeous. Can you make your photos any larger? I forget if I've already asked. Must be the polish fumes killing my brain cells. This looks very pretty on you.

  4. Thank you Lucy:) I think I will,they all look amazing! and I was actually going to use larger photos today.I find they're a lot easier to see!


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