Saturday, August 15, 2009

NOTD: BB Couture Venice Party

First of all,I cannot say enough nice things about the folks at Overall Beauty.

Even though I screwed up when choosing my payment option(sending a check through the mail?-not so much) One email to Kim got the entire situation resolved very quickly, and they actually send products to the Middle of Nowhere,something I can definitely appreciate.The first colour I decided to wear was actually one that I added as an afterthought.Because my addiction goes through phases,most of the colours I picked out from them were either purple or vampy glitters(or purple vampy glitters-ha ha) but when I saw the swatch of this one I knew I had to have it.Despite my year spent in art college I have a hard time describing this colour.I think it's a lavender-periwinkle with iridescent glitter (or is it a periwinkle-lavender?).Anyway,it's really pretty and the formula is fantastic-very smooth.I painted my nails just before I went to work and took these photos once I got home.As you can see,it held up really well through 8 hours of typing,opening boxes,and doing paperwork,(and listening to people complain-but that has nothing to do with nails-lol!)
I was about to go on a no-buy when I received Overall Beauty's newsletter,advertising a buy 2 get the 3rd free deal ending midnight tonight! Foiled Again! Oh well,maybe it wasn't meant to be...

Now the photos...

natural light-the closest to the true colour as I could get

a little blurry to show the glitter

trying to show more purple...and failing miserably

indoors with flash

a little further away...still blurry!

Until Next Time,
Pinkginger (who is glad she is so frugal in other areas of her life because this addiction is expensive!)


  1. That's a pretty shade! *adds to my list* I haven't placed my order yet, but I will! Kim is a wonderful and helpful person, no doubt.

  2. Oh, what a pretty shade! I love it. I'll have to add it to my list of wants. Kim is wonderful, huh?

  3. I agree 100% with both of you! Kim is amazing,and Venice Party is a really nice shade-I can't believe I almost missed it!


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