Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Glitter!!!!!

Hello All!
This is part two of Glitterpalooza 2009 but I didn't want to punish you all with that lame title again.I went on quite a spending spree last month ,(and this month,and probably next month...)Anyway, during my shop-a-thon I added more glitter to my collection.I still have some left from the old days (all clumpy and in desperate need of thinner) and yet I still bought more.I really jave to do something about my impulse control.

******Warning pic heavy*******

Milani Disco Lights-A light pink glitter with a clear base.I like the colour but it took 4 coats to achieve this look.I like this one better as a layering topcoat.

Zoya Roxy-The name Roxy always conjures up an image of a beautiful but tough chick who doesn't take any crap from anyone.I also think of the character "Roxy" from the 80's cartoon Jem(she was one of The Misfits).This Roxy is equally as stunning.It's a berry shade with pink glitter.I love this one :)

Color Club Tru Passion-This is one of the best glitters I've ever tried.I hate it when I buy a glitter only to find out that it doesn't distribute evenly on the nail.This one does,I could use it for layering but it's also gorgeous by itself.This one is a winner.

BB Couture Midnight Malibu -I love this one! It's a midnight blue jelly with lots of multi-coloured glitter.The formula is perfect,and it looks great on the nails.

NYX Asphalt-First of all, with a name like asphalt I was expecting a slate-grey with silver micro-glitter.Instead I got an odd grey jelly with multi-coloured mess.It's pretty weird and I'm disappointed with how sheer it is.I'll save this one for layering.

China Glaze Caribbean Blue-Ok technically this is a glass fleck I included it anyway because it's pretty.A sky blue base with silvery glass fleck? Beautiful.As always,my tendency to connect songs with phrases (or anything else) means that I hear this every time I put it on :P

Maybelline Blazing Berry-A pretty pink-red jelly with pink glitter.The glitter didn't show up as well as I would've liked,but it's still a beautiful shade.

I still have more to show you,but this post is practically a pictorial anyway so I figured I'd ease up until next time.

Peace Out!

Pinkginger-who is getting the hang of this blogging thing.I think :P


  1. I love love love glitter and shimmers. They are all such gorgeous colors. Roxy really loves beautiful with your skin color. Also I love Midnight Malibu. It's hard to pick a favorite. I'm enjoying all the pictures.

  2. Thanks Lucy! I tried to pick out all the cremes in my collection and I only found ten! I automatically gravitate towards glitters and shimmers-they're my favourite.And Midnight Malibu is an awesome colour it combines two things I love,glitter and purple :)


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