Friday, August 28, 2009

I Hate This Colour!!!

I have always hated yellow.Always. I was reluctant to try a yellow polish because of my lifelong hatred of it.When I was in choir (shut-up) the choir director decided to change the colours of our uniform from black and white to black and yellow.We looked like an army of singing bumblebees.Needless to say,I quit soon after.That said,I was pleasantly surprised by this one.Yellow,it turns out,works really well with my skin tone.I have a thing for eye-catching colours and 'Lite' by Sally Hansen HD certainly fits the bill.It doesn't hurt that it's a shimmer either.That way I can delude myself into thinking pretend it's a light gold.


indoors with flash

indoors no flash

outdoors in shade

Wow,It looks great.I still hate it,but it looks great.
Pinkginger-who went to college with a guy who has synaesthesia(click here for info). He told me my personality was bright yellow.Go figure.


  1. i loveee this colour on u it really pops,i know what u mean about yellow its so hard to find i good one that applies properly...

  2. I love reading your posts. I always have a chuckle or at least a big grin from reading your sometimes snarky remarks. That was a terribly long sentence. Today I needed a laugh. It's very overcast, and I feel bloated and lousy. Plus I chipped two nails, polish chipped that is. I love yellow and especially the Sally Hansen HD. That yellow just has a beautiful glow. It does look magnificent with your coloring! So get over it. Yellow is beautiful and especially on you. Singing bumblebees must have looked terrific. Haha!

  3. You have been hauling! In a good way haha. I like th is SH yellow, it's bright and pretty on you.

  4. Skye-Thanks hon :) I find most yellows too sheer,this is a good one though.

    Lucy-Thank You! I hope you feel better,I live near the coast and we have our fair share of overcast lousy days.Chipped polish is also a pain-especially if you want to wear the colour for a while.I think I'm going to embrace yellow after all.It's a positive and cheerful colour and I should keep an open mind,and I have to admit the singing bumblebees did look pretty great :)

    Kae-Thank-You! I keep saying I'll stop buying,but then I see another polish that catches my eye and I forget all about it-I know I should stop but I probably won't :P


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