Monday, August 31, 2009

I Chose This Just For The Name:OPI Canadian Maple Leaf

O' Canada My Home and Native Land...

*Sorry* couldn't resist!
I'm a proud Canadian (which seems like an oxymoron but it's not).When I found out that OPI was doing a Canadian collection,I was psyched.This is the first colour I bought just because I loved the name.The fact that I have never seen a maple leaf this colour in real life is a non-issue, this is a gorgeous colour and a great albeit,unconventional choice for fall.

indoors no flash

indoors with flash

It's a hard colour to describe.Since I suck at colour descriptions I'll spare you the gory details (haha!) simply by saying it's a pinkish-red with blue and purple shimmer.I like this colour so much that this is actually my second bottle.That's saying a lot .
That's All For Now,
Pinkginger-who believes that Canada is the only place in the world where people apologize when you bump into them :)


  1. Oh, I like the name! Haha, I'm one of those weird Americans who's always wanted to move to Canada. And even stranger, I'm married to a man who feels the same way! *lol* Good thing it turned out to be such a gorgeous polish, I quite like it especially against your skin tone!

  2. Thanks Nicole :)Haha! You are not weird! Canada is a beautiful country and it has universal healthcare! I've lived here all my life so I'm completely biased,but it's a great place to live. I used to buy polishes just for the name only to realize that I don't like the colour.This one was a gamble that paid off.

  3. I've never seen a maple leaf that color either. Or any other leaf. Pretty color on you. I've never been to Canada but have always wanted to go. Someday I may come.


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