Monday, August 17, 2009

Glitterpalooza 2009!

OK So that title is lame,but I couldn't think of anything else to call it.I have always loved glitter polish in any incarnation (jelly,chunky,sheer, whatever) and I've purchased a lot of really good ones lately(see my long list at the right of your screen),and I wanted to show them off.

The first one I chose was China Glaze Ruby Pumps because I really love the colour-not to mention the fact that I actually like the pictures I took (messy manicure notwithstanding!) These were taken after 8 hours of typing,and manual labour at work and the polish stayed on! China Glaze is one of my favourite brands ever :)

indoors no flash
outdoors no flash

indoors with flash (blurred to see glitter-looks like fire!)

My next pick was BB Couture (how do i love thee? let me count the!)
Balboa Beach Bunny.For some reason it always makes me think of Rocky Balboa and then 'Eye of the Tiger' is stuck in my head (thanks a lot dad!) Anyway,it's a pretty purple jelly with blue,red and silver glitter (I think I spied some gold in there too).Because I'm such a purple nut this one has become one of my new favourites-it is so gorgeous!

indoors with flash

outdoors no flash

And last but not least BB Couture in Dragon's Breath.Initially I bought this one simply for the name (aside from nailpolish,books,and Bruce Lee I also love dragons) It's a raspberry jelly-ha! i just got that :P with lots of red,sliver and blue sparkles.I'm proud to say that I actually wore this one for more than 24 hours! (gasp!)That explains the tip wear that is evident in some of the photos.I really like the colour,but I rushed the application so it came out a little messy and streaky-I might redo it later on. 

outdoors no flash

in car with flash

indooors with flash             

I love glitter!

My no-buy has gone out the window because I figured out that I had more money than I thought I did (Yay...I guess), giving me yet another excuse to spend more.Surely there must be some kind of support group for this (lol!)
Have an awesome week!

Pinkginger-who is relieved that the nearest Sally Beauty Supply is 45 minutes away :)


  1. I love glitters too, they are all stunning on you :D

  2. Aren't glittahs the most beautiful things. There are a lot of nice ones from Color Club. Do you have any holos? I really love them.

  3. They really are!I love holos as well,I always stare at my nails when I'm wearing them :)


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