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Hello All!

I'd like to begin today's post with a story. Once upon a time,there was a young man named William.He was a shy,sensitive poet type (a really bad sensitive poet type!) who was ridiculed by his peers and rejected by the ladies (aww!).One day,after being cruelly spurned by his "true love" Cecily,he meets a beautiful vampire named Drusilla.She consoles William,then bites him,transforming him into a vampire (dun-dun-duuhhnn!).He then begins a new life with Drusilla (his psychotic soulmate) leaving a corpse ridden trail all over Europe and beyond.William changes his name to 'Spike' based on his penchant for torturing his victims with railroad spikes.(Nice.)

The End.

Spike in all his glory!

So what was the point of my little tale you ask?
Well,in a nutshell it was my (longwinded) way of introducing my new Franken 'Spike'.First I wanted to give some 'props' to its namesake.I am a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and of Joss Whedon in general) and Spike is one of my favourite characters of all time.I like him because he is a walking contradiction.He's fiercely loyal and loving,but he's also cold,sadistic and violent.He's a romantic...who just might kill you if you piss him off.I'm pretty sure if he were in Edward Cullen's shoes Bella would've been "vamped" in book one-whether she liked it or not (also he definitely would not sparkle!) So here it is folks,my badass colour named for a badass vampire.The fact that I liked him better than I liked Angel says a lot about me (I should create a new blog "Pinkginger has Issues" lol!).What can I say,I love a good bad boy ;)

To create it I used ye olde Wet & Wild unnamed dark blue as a base,Color Club Revvvolution,SH Prisms Burgundy Orchid,SH Nailfoils in Fuchsia Tin,SH Lacquer Shine in Gleaming and SH Rose Opal (i always add a lot of colour until i get the shade i want!)

Initially,I thought it should be darker,or more silvery-it is named for a vampire after all! But then I remembered that Spike always held onto his caring,romantic side-even though he was a vicious killer (Oh Lord,now I sound like one of those women who marry death row inmates-lol!) I think a sparkly blue purple suits him because it is both feminine and tough (and if you've ever watched the show you could probably say the same thing about Spike :P)

I hope you like it!
blurry with flash

natural light with flash

no flash

a close up shot (love the glitter!)

once more with feeling...

That's all for now,Have an awesome week!

Pinkginger (who still can't get past the fact that Edward Cullen sparkles in the sun!)


  1. Love the polish and LOVE that you're a Buffy/Joss fan. To say I am obsessed would not be wrong.

    Excellent post!!

  2. Oh and I totally agree. Edward Cullen is lame.

  3. Thanks Nosaby!I was attacked by a "Twi-hard" when I said Edward wasn't as cool as the vampires on Buffy.I am the only person at my job who isn't madly in love with him-I'll take Spike or Angel(heck,I'll even take Dracula lol!) any day of the week :)

  4. Lol...I love the intro for you new franken! You're just too funny and sweet...lol! No you didn't sound like one of those women who marry death row inmates...lol! I'm really digging this shade of blue. I did watch a few episodes of Buffy. But I really got into Charmed...lol! I still watch the reruns of Charmed...very sad life I must lead...lol!

  5. Love the shade you frankened. I've never seen Buffy. One of these days I have to rent the DVD of the show. I don't know why I didn't watch it when it was on. This is exactly the type of story that I love.

  6. Velvet-Awww Thanks you are too :)Buffy is one of my favourite shows but I didn't start watching it until the second season and then I became obsessed,and you do not lead a sad life-I watch old episodes of Charmed too!

    Lucy-Thank-you! It is really a great show.I love all the seasons,but the second is my favourite.

  7. Have you seen this?


  8. LOL! Now That's What I'm Talking about!Classic! It made my day :)


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