Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Allow me to reveal my comic-geek side (who am I kidding?I'm the reigning queen of TMI).Anyway, I am a huge X-Men fan and since my latest franken is a sparkly blue,I decided to name it after my favourite villain Mystique the shape-shifting mutant. My second favourite villain? Octomom oops! not an X-Men character, nevermind. I like Mystique because she's pretty much an evil badass who occasionally fights on the side of the good guys.So many times we either seperate people into either good or bad,black,or white(who decided "black" was bad anyway? yeesh!-sorry- back to my point).Mystique is different because she's neither...and both,she can't be categorized as black or white because she's actually an awesome shade of blue.

Which brings me to my franken!
To create my version I used half a bottle of Maybelline Express New Year's Blue,Sally Hansen's Urban Chic (a holographic glitter), a few drops of OPI Ink, and whatever was left of On Nicole's Wishlist (a clear glass-fleck).
Take A Look-See,

All indoors with flash 3 coats

Upon completion I came to the conclusion that "Mystique" was actually closer in colour to "Beast" (for those of you who aren't X-Men geeks he's the hyper-intelligent furry blue guy-another one of my favourites) but that wouldn't be a good name for such a pretty polish would it?

Until Next Time,
Pinkginger-who blames her dad for her X-Men obsession!


  1. loveeeeee this colour
    and i think thats great u love ur comics its very cutee

  2. I'm not a comic geek but I did see the movies. Loved them. Give me some Hugh Jackman love. Halle Berry, one of the most beautiful human beings on Earth. Well after all that, I lost my train there, love the blue you made. Very pretty. You have some awesome nails.

  3. They did a really good job on the movies (even for an X-Men purist like me!)Hugh Jackman is awesome as Wolverine,everyone was really well-cast.Thanks for the compliment :)


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