Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drugstore Mini-Haul

I tried not to buy anything,but somehow these all jumped into my basket! Left to Right, unnamed lavender frost by Carlo Di Roma, Disco Lights By Milani,Rich in Heart (love the name!)by Sinful Colors,Blazing Berry by Maybelline New York,unnamed OPI (yeah,you heard me-all the labels were ripped off) which might or might not be Black Tie Optional*,and Music Hall Curtain Call.

*a colour I have been lemming for years-if it is I got it for a steal at $9!

I really think I should stop now.

Just Wanted to Share,

Pinkginger-who is 50% sure that the unnamed OPI (labeled "Black Shade" by the store-boo!) is Black Tie Optional,and 50% sure that it isn't.


  1. you have OPI Ink? It kinda looks like that, too. I have a couple that it might be, actually! Really curious now. That would be so cool if it did end up being Black Tie Optional!

  2. I have OPI Ink,it's a little more on the blue side than this one.I'd love it if it were Black Tie Optional but since the store took the label off (jerks!) I'll never really know for sure :(

  3. Mannnn. It's a mystery. So it's more purple? It's going to be so hard to figure it out. :/

  4. Nice colors. I like the Sinful Colors. Very pretty shade and name. I hope it's Black Tie Optional. I guess it's the chance you take.

  5. Grrr! Drugstores! I guess it's the same as my workplace (a bookstore)selling discounted books with black marks on the bottom.I'm glad I bought it (whatever colour it is) but it still sucks that it doesn't have a name.


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