Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colour Obsession:Neon Pink

Hello All!
For some strange reason I've been buying a lot of neon pinks.I didn't really notice it until I was organizing my polish and realized that I went from having no neon pinks to five in a very short time.Since it is summer,and I have nothing better to do at the moment (ha ha).I wanted to feature all of the pinks in my collection.It's like 1989 all over again.

My camera does not photograph neons well at all.In order to get the true colour I had to photograph them either in the shade,or indoors with no flash-even then it didn't quite pan out, and in sunlight they all had this bizarre glowy effect and looked a lot more orange.Weird.

This is Nocti in TMI (3 coats,SH Insta-Dry Topcoat)

indoors no flash

Essie Flirty Fuchsia -outdoors in shade (I have no clue how it ended up like this)

Color Club Pink Rush outdoors

Essie Flirty Fuchsia indoors

Color Club Pink Rush indoors

Quirius Pink in Love

China Glaze Pink Voltage

Quirius Pink in Love indoors

China Glaze Pink Voltage indoors

I don't know which is my favourite! Pink Rush is darker than the others,and Pink in Love is more of a coral neon.Flirty Fuchsia and Pink Voltage are both true neon pinks,but Pink Voltage has more shimmer.TMI is probably the closest in tone to Pink in Love,but the latter has more orange. I'd say it's a five-way tie.
Until Next Time
Pinkginger-who is having 90's flashbacks because of this post!


  1. Whoa! *stares* Girl, you're doing it because it looks AHHHmazing on you. Seriously, it does. I don't think I could pick out a favorite of that pile too, and they're all slightly different. Neons are infamously hard to photograph! I think you did a really good job cutting back on the otherworldly glow though. *lol* All these neons the polish world is putting out is definitely a late eighties flashback for me - and I LOVE IT. Shocking. I love all things eighties. We won't talk about the music!

  2. Hello! They're all fab looking. I don't own any of these neons. So it was great to see them. I'm thinking the Essie pink would be nice to have. many!

  3. Nicole-Thank you!I'm loving the 80's flashback too-I love the 80's movies and fashion,but the music has to be my favourite (so many cheesy classics!)

    Velvet-Thank you! You're right,there are too many great colour to choose from!

  4. I love everyone of them. I don't have to many neon pinks. I also love what you write at the end of your post with the Pinkginger. They always make me laugh!


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