Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Won't They Send Me Stuff???Grr!!!

I have been purchasing nailpolish online for about a 2 months now,and I can't help but feel a little slighted by some etailers.First of all,I live in the Middle-of-Nowhere Canada,(no-it isn't anywhere near Toronto or Montreal!)and finding an international retailer that will send things not only across the border,but to my little slice of country heaven has been pretty tough.I'm a classy gal so I won't name said vendors.But I was not impressed.Why don't you want my money??? Is it because I live too far away?Boo urns! I'd really like to support all beauty etailers,but your shipping restrictions leave me no choice.This situation has only made me appreciate the etailers who do ship to rural areas.So to, and Aveyou,Thanks! and God Bless You!

p.s. head2toebeauty is great too :)

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