Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old School:L'OREAL Future Jade

Hello All!

It's funny how all my older nailpolish shades have stories attached.This colour was given to me by a girl in my sociology class almost 11 years ago.She was a true girly-girl and beauty junkie.We would always talk about our favourite products and I mentioned how much I loved nailpolish.One day she came to class,handed me a gift bag,and said "You'll like these better than I do".Inside were 6 bottles of nailpolish,including this colour.I loved it instantly.I've always been unconventional when it comes to my polish choices,and an army green with gold shimmer is as unconventional as it gets.I love when people give without expecting anything in return.That kind of generosity is hard to find,but when it's found it is more valuable than any material gift you can ever receive.

all photos are natural light with flash,3 coats,no base or topcoat.

Love and Nailpolish,


  1. This is such a pretty shade.
    I just found your blog. So happy to have another nail polish blog to read. :)

  2. Thanks Olivia C.! I love them all too :)

  3. 0o0o0o i loveee this green its a gorjuz colour

  4. wowow i really love this color!! i need it :) i never think to buy the regular makeup brand polishes haha!


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