Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old School:Diana Pumpkin Pie

Hello All! For my old school pick I decided to feature a colour that my mother(!) picked out for me about 13 years ago.This is unusual because my mother NEVER BUYS ME NAILPOLISH! Ever.She thinks my collection is abnormal (uh,like collecting stamps is any better?) and refuses to add to it(hater! lol).Needless to say,I was shocked when she gave me this pretty orange frost(she also gave me a shimmery green but I can't find it)I'd never heard of the brand Diana before,and was happy to add this to my stash.I usually don't wear orange (actually this might be the only one I have)but this one is gorgeous.It's a mandarin orange with gold shimmer,and the formula is great (although I think it contains all 3 of the most dreaded chemicals).I usually pull this one out at Halloween,but it's a great colour for anytime in the fall.

That's about all I have for now,

Peace out,


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